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Create compelling campaigns with video, display, social ads, sms text, your branded app, and more, all from one easy platform. freqnt keeps you front and center, across channels and devices, ensuring you make the booking.

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Every business needs new and loyal customers to succeed - and as customer needs change so do the means and ways of attracting and retaining them. With freqnt digital we help you reach new customers, via Ads and keep customers coming back with your own branded app while incorporating sms text campaigns.

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Create powerful referral journeys that convert more customers. Make a first impression that engages and entices referrals to take action. Control the entire referral funnel from initial awareness to consideration to conversion. 

freqnt helped our Salon go from 0-100 real quick! We went from 273 average monthly bookings  to 941 average appointments in less than 4 months. Plus, we grew our staff by 35%. Our team loves the software! And you will too.  

Trevor Danielle

Co-Owner & Marketing Dir.

Co-Operate Salon & Spa

Our customers average 7.5x return with freqnt software Don’t miss out.