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Reach your target audiences on top sites, social networks, personalized sms text campaigns, and beyond. freqnt campaigns run across desktop and mobile on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

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With access to data from over 1.2 billion digital profiles, gain a clearer understanding of potential customers; making it easier to deliver customized experiences to your target audiences. Plus, stay top of mind with your customer via your own branded app. 

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Connect freqnt to your online booking platform, such as Rosy and Schedulicity, and deliver dynamic ads that feature bookings in abandoned shopping carts, previously viewed products, and new recommendations.

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You’re only scratching the surface by measuring clicks, likes and website views. freqnt  gives you real-time insights into how your marketing channels work together all on one platform. 

Our customers average 7.5x return with freqnt software Don’t miss out.