5 Instagram Marketing Strategies Every Salon and Spa Needs To Know!





This is why social media can be a powerful ally to smaller brands when trying to grow your reach and presence online. You don't need a huge budget to still be effective, using, for instance, Facebook ads. But as powerful and inexpensive as these can be, the sad truth is that organic reach and engagement on Facebook has plateaued in recent years.


It's all about the visuals


Users are more likely to act if they can easily recognize your brand from miles away. To achieve that, you just need to execute well, then your brand will be recognized immediately, even if a user only glances at an individual image in their stream.


Hire a professional


If you're not the creative type or your images aren't capturing enough attention, don't fret - there is a bit of an art to it.

Consider employing a social media manager with experience in design or photography. Turning your followers into customers will take much more than a dozen pretty images on Instagram, so it's best to invest early.

If you already have a marketing professional who is doing a great job, consider outsourcing visual assets.


Photographers can do a series of photoshoots and supply you with images for use on your website, blog and of course, social media.


Make the most of your visuals.


It's quite common for brands to share the same posts across all social networks. The best practice on social is to always adapt your messaging by audience and platform. The great thing about images is that they're much more universal than text.


For example, you can use the same image and upload it to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Pinterest and Tumblr have different audiences but are built around images, just like Instagram. Great images can bridge the divide in between, meaning that you can potentially triple your reach with the exact same image.


Partner for a good cause


Being socially responsible isn't just a way to make the world a better place. It is also a way of connecting with like-minded individuals and attracting their attention.




No matter what platform you are on, you have to be social first - never forget that!

So, make sure that you engage with your followers and other users. Look for industry influencers, bloggers and partners, make sure to follow them and engage with their content. You could even follow publishing networks or magazines that you would like to be featured in.

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