Salon & Spa Customer Service: 4 Ways to Deliver an Unexpectedly Awesome Customer Experience


In some cases, a WOW moment will involve a well thought out marketing campaign designed to increase loyalty and boost repeat business. But many of these moments will also happen during the smaller interactions you have with customers — whether through a positive interaction with your staff, or a helpful tip they receive in your latest email newsletter.


"When you make every customer feel like it is your personal mission to make them happy"


All of these WOW moments — no matter how big or how small — will play a critical role in building customer relationships, which can lead to repeat business and valuable word-of-mouth referrals for your business.


1. Have some fun.


"Throw regular events like customer appreciation parties"


Business as usual is just that. When customers always know what to expect when they step into your business, they might have a pleasant experience, but it won’t stand out.


So throw regular events like customer appreciation parties, new-stock shopping nights — whatever feels right for your business. Serve snacks, sweets, and beverages (wine is always appreciated), and even hire a band if you have the space and budget. Send an email to your customer list to give them a heads-up about the event.


2. Offer phone-free appointment scheduling.


"Scheduling software makes your life easier, too."


Your clients are busy, so playing phone tag to make, change, and confirm appointments can taint their experience before they even walk through your door. By implementing online appointment scheduling, your clients can book a service anytime, anywhere. The ease of this process, especially if they have to reschedule, makes a positive first impression on your new clients.


The scheduling software makes your life easier, too. Instead of interrupting appointments (and annoying clients) to run to the phone, or having to hire a receptionist, you just let the software automatically fill up your schedule. It even sends appointment reminders to clients, saving them from another phone call — and fees for missing an appointment.


3. Surprise your customers.


"Make every message meaningful by providing them with a reward"


Don’t make your customers sorry that they ever gave you their email address. Instead, make every message meaningful by providing them with a reward for opening your message, like 15 percent off a new item, or a gift card when they spend a certain amount. Use text message marketing software to create various lists of shoppers, like loyal customers and those who haven’t shopped in six weeks or longer.


In addition, send customers a special message on their birthdays, offering them a free gift the next time they visit your business. This kind of no-strings-attached gesture makes a strong impression, and it’s the kind of thing that can turn a casual customer into a regular.


4. Provide unrivaled service.


"Make a personal connection with your customers"


There are certain companies whose customer service is legendary. They’re known for things like hassle-free returns and personal interactions that make each customer feel like they’re getting the white-glove treatment.


The first step to providing this kind of service is thinking about what you want out of customer service interactions. Make a personal connection with your customers by warmly greeting everyone who enters and leaves, and ask (and remember) their first names when you’re helping them. If you don’t have the size or color they want, make every effort to order it for them. Free shipping both ways helps, too.


And if they’re displeased, go out of your way to make it right. When you make every customer feel like it is your personal mission to make them happy, it’s not something they forget — or keep to themselves.


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