The number of consumers who use their mobile devices to make purchase is higher than it has ever been before. According to the PewResearchCenter, 64 percent of adults in America are now owners of a smartphone – and that percentage will continue to rise. As a small business owner, it’s time to embrace mobile marketing if you want your business to flourish. Text, or SMS, marketing is an affordable way to delve into the world of mobile marketing. Here are some tips to do it right.



1. Seek Permission First


"Always get permission prior to sending out any SMS marketing messages."


If you have the customer’s mobile information, it doesn’t mean you should go ahead and market to them that way. Like most small businesses, you are probably looking for ways to attract more new business, and this starts with building trust. Always get permission prior to sending out any SMS marketing messages. Give your customers the choice to opt-in to receive mobile marketing message from you.


2. Focus on Consistency


"You need to message your customers consistently."


After you start your mobile marketing campaign you need to message your customers consistently. If you send out messages on occasion, you will lose the attention of your audience. If you want them to stay engaged, try sending out a weekly message on the same day each week.


3. Integrate Social Media


"Include a link to your social media page." 




Your mobile marketing plan should give your audience an easy way to connect with you via your social media pages. One of many foolproof ways to grow your following on Facebook or Pinterest is to include a link to your social media page. The higher number of connections you have with your customers, the greater their loyalty to your company.


4. Personalize Your Message


"Your customers will remember that you acknowledged and appreciate their business."



Every single person likes to feel special and recognized. One simple way to do this is to send out a brief Thank You text message after the customer places an order. Your customers will remember that you acknowledged and appreciate their business.


5. Administer Surveys


"Take the time to put together a quick survey."


Text message marketing is a wonderful way to see what your customers honestly think about your company. Take the time to put together a quick survey – think three or four questions – and send out the text asking your customers to take a moment to offer their personal feedback. They will appreciate that you want their input and you can take those answers and use them to better your business.


6. Text Tips


"Consider sending out a weekly tip via text."



Too often, businesses send out one sales pitch after another to their customers. However, customers really like when you can provide them with valuable information. Consider sending out a weekly tip via text. Think along the lines of ways to get the most out of your services or products -- or any other information that is relevant to your industry.


7. Incorporate Email Marketing


"Prioritize getting your SMS subscribers added to your email marketing."


Email marketing is relevant and more resourceful than text message marketing. Prioritize getting your SMS subscribers added to your email marketing list with their consent. Consider sending a text to your customers and include the link for the recipient to join your email list.


8. Offer Special Deals


"Fill empty appointments, with targeted text campaigns"


A simple way to keep your mobile marketing subscribers happy and prevent them from unsubscribing is to offer mobile only offers. Think along the lines of the chance to enter your brick-and-mortar store an hour earlier on an upcoming sale or giving the ability to pre-order new products before they sell out.


As you work to improve your text message marketing efforts, make sure you always focus on what will make your customers happy. Maximize text messaging and what this type of marketing can do for your small business, and watch your business boom.


How do you use mobile marketing to make your business prosper?


Eliminate last minute openings and combat your slow days with targeted text campaigns.



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