Online Booking for Salons & Spas: How to Get Massive Online Bookings


You’ve seen it happen every year: your business slows down during predictable times, like the summertime months or year-end. For the Salon and Spa who rely upon steady cash flow, this can be a disconcerting time.


Should you just take a time off until things naturally pick up again? Or should you try to find the needle-in-the-haystack business that might be out there during slow times?


Here are 7 easy to implement strategies to boost your sales during slow times:


Think Outside The Box


If the slow time falls around the summertime, use them to your advantage. Get into the summer spirit with your clients by sending e-mails, thank you cards, and give free mini-products to them. Make specially-discounted offers to clients/customers. Offer them gift certificates that they can give to their family and friends for your services and products.


Increase Your Pre-Booking


Suggest a new service, and make an appointment for their next visit, and ask if they would prefer to have the same technician. When appointments are booked in advance it is beneficial for both the client and the salon owner to manage their time.


Once the next appointment is made send an e-mail, text, and voicemail  notification to your client right away and also send another service reminder e-mail, text, and voicemail just a day before the next visit.


Recommendation is vital to gaining new salon clients


Harness this powerful word of mouth marketing and get your clients finding new salon customers for you.


4 practical tips for setting up a salon referral scheme


Ask them. It may sound obvious but many hair or beauty salons overlook this. Use a simple mobile referral system so your client has something to pass on to their friends.


It’s important to be generous. 10% off is hardly going to tempt someone to spread the word. When you calculate how much a new client is worth to you over the period of a year it doesn’t make sense to be tight-fisted with your marketing incentives.


Tell them. Promote the system on your salon website, social media, and text marketing. Get the word out there.


And finally, don’t forget to measure the number of new salon clients who come via recommendation. If they’re not being referred then you know you’ve got a big problem with your service, pricing or technical know-how.


Encourage Regular Visits


The whole idea behind an intro offer is to let new clients see what it would be like to visit your business regularly. So an intro offer including unlimited classes or sessions is the most effective because it will create a habit for these customers, something that everyone can benefit from.


For appointment-based businesses, an appropriate intro offer might be a 3-session package at a discount of 50%, making your intro offer a better deal than your session pack. But how low is too low? Free classes or sessions can be a good idea sometimes, but with intro offers, they don’t encourage commitment.




Fast Follow Up


Part of your new clients respect and relationship has to do with follow-up.  Instead of just dashing off a single email or making a call ad leaving a voicemail, put in the effort to follow-up with them five to six times. Remember, these are prime opportunities, not just “leads”.


Be busy helping people for free. Give until it hurts.  Sure you need to ask for the deal and get paid, but you also need to stop acting like you not landing this next new customer is going to make you go bankrupt.


Create A Referral Program


There are many options when creating a referral program for your Salon or Spa. You can reward your customers directly with cash or you could offer them discounts or free products as reward for their referrals. You should also reward the referee as well, which is another huge incentive for them to actually shop at your store.




Merge Your Appointment Book


Using your appointment book, glumobilemedia scans your future schedule and identifies the days which appear slower than normal and sets up communication with the select group of customers most likely in need of a booking with your business or haven’t been back in a while. Your regulars will never be spammed.


Remember your existing customer base is your best source for attracting new clients because they have experience with you and your services. And when they keep coming back, that means they like your service or products.


Still Need Help? Stay top of mind with your clients with - glumobilemedia 




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