Text Message Marketing: A Small-Business Guide to Text-Message Marketing


Text Message Marketing: A Small-Business Guide to Text-Message Marketing




Many small to mid-sized businesses we talk to are amazed to hear how many large, well-known brands are using SMS marketing today.  They’re also amazed when they realize not many, if any, of their competitors are using it.  Quickly, the conversation turns to “why haven’t we considered this sooner” and “when can we start?” As with any form of marketing, whenever you can reach the audience where your competition isn’t, the more effective it can be


"Text messaging is download-free"


Text messaging doesn’t require a smart phone and there is no need to download anything, unlike all messaging apps.


Thinking about QR codes? Think again. Instead of hunting around for a barcode scanner, you just need to text a keyword to a shared short code (like 55678) to get an automatic text reply with a link to your website, download page, menu, or form – wherever you want traffic to land




The biggest advantage to using our text message marketing feature is the fact that your customer doesn’t have to have a smartphone to engage. Over 99.9% of phones have text messaging enabled and most customers are familiar with sending and receiving texts.


Although an important marketing channel many companies are caught up in the hype of social media marketing but what they don't realize is that 84% of Facebook news feed stories aren’t viewed, 71% of tweets get ignored and 88% of emails go unopened.


Meanwhile, 98% of text messages are opened, and therefore, companies that market through text message marketing (SMS) have a far truer reach.


Highly Targeted:


The days when business owners and marketing managers could send out marketing messages into the ether in the hope that they would land on their target audience are over. For any company with even one eye on costs, it’s now essential that every marketing message is as highly targeted as possible. As SMS marketing is permission based everyone who receives a message will -


a) already have a relationship with you, and;


b) have agreed to receive marketing messages from you.


These two facts means that these targets are already customers as well as being hot leads for new sales. It’s an accepted fact that it’s between 5 to 7 times easier to resell to existing customers than to gain a new customer and a SMS service is the perfect way to market to.




Get personal


This may change in the next 5-10 years, but for now text messaging is a personal and intimate form of communication because we are only used to sharing our mobile phone number with friends and family. Customers welcome businesses into this area of their lives due to the special nature of the relationship that they have with “my salon” or “my spa”


Be Relevant


If you operate or sell at multiple services, you must have different text message lists for each service so you can be confident in your timing and that you are providing relevant information for each customer. If a customer starts getting messages about services they do not want, they will quickly unsubscribe.


Keep it Short.


Keywords keeps things simple and make it possible for clients to respond quickly. The BEST thing about using keywords in any offline setting is that people have their mobile phone with them constantly.


This means it’s easy to respond to your ad when they are not on their computer: in a store, from a billboard, TV or radio ad, even a podcast. It also gives you the opportunity to measure your ads’ effectiveness.


SMS Integrates Easily with Other Marketing Channels.


SMS can stand alone, but it’s better when used in tandem with other media, such as email and direct mail. That’s because SMS can be used to remind customers to do something when timing is important.




You don’t need to get your own shortcode.


One of the first questions we get from newcomers to SMS marketing is, “How do I get my own shortcode?”  While some large brands may find value in getting their own shortcode, most businesses and non-profits can save the expense and hassle.  Like many SMS marketing providers, we provide our shared shortcodes to clients.  This saves them money and allows them to get up and running quickly.


It doesn’t cost a lot and it’s very cost-effective.


Frequently, marketers are surprised to hear the entry-level costs for SMS marketing.  For whatever reason, even small organizations assume it will be a significant investment for them to start using this technology (it’s not!).  Once they learn how small the investment is, they quickly stop worrying about how difficult it will be for them to prove the value to their bosses.


Best Way to Advertise Special Offers/Last Minute Openings


If you’re looking for a way to drive more customers to specific links like special offers and/or last minute openings text message marketing is the best way for your small business to do so.


Not only does text message marketing hold the highest open rates, but it also has been found to hold the highest click-through-rates. The chance of your links being clicked with text message marketing is about 36 percent. Though at a first glance 36 percent may not seem super impressive, when compared to the average email click-through-rate of 6-7 percent that number is actually rather staggering.




Your audience wants to receive text messages from you, if they’re valuable.


Because at this point almost everyone has received at least one of those spam “you’ve won this gift card” messages, organizations assume their messages will be received the same way.  This just isn’t true and they’re always surprised after their first outgoing campaign how well the messages are received by their audience and how few people opt-out.


With glumobilemedia automatic text message marketing, you’ll be able to not only fill in those pesky last-minute openings but book more appointments and grow your revenue. glumobilemedia will automatically help you build an opt-in list and target the right clients that actually want to hear from you.


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