How to Build Your Clientele List For Your Salon Spa Rapidly!


Build your own website for your salon services. Promote the website and your salon through social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and a business blog.


Use these channels to tell clients about such things as special deals, new hairstyles, gift ideas from your salon, contests and other promotions.


Look the part.


As a hair stylist, you're selling beautiful hair. Part of marketing yourself as a stylist is to demonstrate you care about your own look. Always arrive at work with a fashionable cut that suits you. Since hair is part of an overall aesthetic, wear flattering clothes that make clients take notice.


Act professionally.


Showing up on time for appointments is important to keep your clients coming back. If you're consistently late, you might lose clients to stylists they feel they can depend on -- even if you do great hair.


Treat your client with respect and remember her name; don't forget who she is a few minutes into a color treatment.


Rebook your clients.


During the cut, give recommendations about how frequently your client should come back for maintenance. If the client is getting a particularly short cut that will grow out quickly or a hair color that will fade or show roots within a few weeks, give the client a time frame; that will encourage clients to return.


Give every client your card.


As the cut is finishing, let each client know what days you normally work and give them the salon's card, with your name on it, and encourage them to call back. Tell the client to ask for you by name when they rebook.


Promote your special skills to existing clients.


If you are trained in a particular treatment, such as hair straightening or color, tell your clients. You can either recommend the treatment to the client or ask them to refer you to others they know who might be interested in what is unique about your practice.


Establish an email list or text club and keep in touch.


Ask existing clients if you can add them to your email list, and encourage them to pass on your information to others. Send out periodic news of salon specials and discounts. If the salon is agreeable, offer a percentage off promotion to anyone who brings in a copy of your email newsletter so you can keep them signed up--and coming back.


Start a good loyalty program


A good loyalty program executed sincerely can win you many brownie points. If you already have one, think of ways you can make it more lucrative for your clients. If you don’t, get one in place immediately.


It could be something as simple as one free service after every five or a little more advanced such as a “point” system that wins them reward points every time they use your salon services – every 100 points could then be redeemed against set services or products.


Reward new clients


A new customer is a potentially loyal one – once they have availed of your salon services and you have ensured that all went smoothly, give them an incentive to return, over and above just being a good salon.


An incentive to return, like a percentage off their next visit, or a free service they can add onto their next appointment will keep their interest up in returning to you.


Also, ask all new clients to enroll in your free loyalty program!




Call the customers that have been missing from your roster for three months or more and offer them an incentive to be back – something as simple as a scalp massage offered complimentary with an all-expense haircut can give the customer a boost to come back to you.


Be accommodating


If a client is running late or is trying to reschedule – let them know that it’s all right, even when it’s not.  Be caring – keeping a client is hard work, so work hard at not bulling them into the next available salon.


Be the best...By gosh. BE THE BEST! 


From cutting-edge technologies to the best of the brands – keep yourself well-stocked. Try and strike deals with product manufacturers so that they launch new products with you and your customers need to return even if just for the products!


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