Text Message Marketing: 5 Secrets For Massive Text Message Marketing Results


Why are so many businesses using text these days?


The answer is simple. Businesses need a reliable, universal way of communicating with their customers around the globe, and text fits that bill. Add to that, most people carry their phones with them everywhere. Many people even sleep with their phones.


Who doesn’t text these days? Text Marketing has become a ubiquitous form of communication.


"Your friends and family text you. Your colleagues text you. And now,

think of the texts you’re getting from businesses."




The biggest advantage to using our text message marketing feature is the fact that your customer doesn’t have to have a smartphone to engage. Over 99.9% of phones have text messaging enabled and most customers are familiar with sending and receiving texts. 


Although an important marketing channel many companies are caught up in the hype of social media marketing but what they don't realize is that 84% of Facebook news feed stories aren’t viewed, 71% of tweets get ignored and 88% of emails go unopened.


Meanwhile, 98% of text messages are opened, and therefore, companies that market through text message marketing (SMS) have a far truer reach.


Highly Targeted:


The days when business owners and marketing managers could send out marketing messages into the ether in the hope that they would land on their target audience are over. For any company with even one eye on costs, it’s now essential that every marketing message is as highly targeted as possible.


As SMS marketing is permission based everyone who receives a message will -


a) already have a relationship with you, and;


b) have agreed to receive marketing messages from you.


These two facts means that these targets are already customers as well as being hot leads for new sales. It’s an accepted fact that it’s between 5 to 7 times easier to resell to existing customers than to gain a new customer and a SMS service is the perfect way to market to


1.Get personal


This may change in the next 5-10 years, but for now text messaging is a personal and intimate form of communication because we are only used to sharing our mobile phone number with friends and family.

Customers welcome businesses into this area of their lives due to the special nature of the relationship that they have with “my salon” or “my spa”


2. Be Relevant


If you operate or sell at multiple services, you must have different text message lists for each service so you can be confident in your timing and that you are providing relevant information for each customer.


"If a customer starts getting messages about services they do not want,

they will quickly unsubscribe."


3. Schedule texts advantageously


Text messages are read very quickly after delivery, usually within 3 minutes, so send your text message at the exact moment when a customer is deciding to come to the business or not. Recommended after 10 am  to  and no later than 6:30 pm.


For Saturday, you may need to be more careful because of tip #1.


You should choose between sending the message at 8am (no earlier!) or the night before — ask your customers or test it both ways and see what works better.


4. Include a photo


Photos immediately connect customers to what is going on at the business, so don’t miss the chance to attach a photo with your text message.


5. SMS marketing HUGE engagement rate


Eight times the engagement rate of email... WAIT WHAT? 


What does this mean? It means that the chance of those reading your texts actually taking action is high. Text messages enjoy high engagement and conversion rates, allowing you to market to a smaller audience but still see the same number of leads turning into sales.


"You can also see a much bigger increase in business when you

decide it’s time to market to a larger audience."


Sticky Tip: Measure the campaign  


You will be able to check the success of your program by seeing the number of no-shows decrease.


By using a promo code, you will be able to successfully monitor and measure any results needed to make an impact. Being able to see which campaigns were successful and which ones were not also provides insight into what the customers like and want on a consistent basis.

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