Salon Spa Online Booking: 5 Essential Things You Need For Online Booking


What if you wanted to track client visits and determine which clients are coming in less frequently, discontinuing services they used to do regularly or have disappeared altogether?

What if you wanted to send out birthday cards to clients who have birthdays next week?


Appointment Scheduling Software can automate all of this, cutting the required time to almost nothing.


"Imagine if you could generate labels for birthday cards, postcard offers or newsletter mailings for exactly the clients you want -- with just one mouse click?"


How can the best salon software help you deliver an enhanced experience to your customers?


a) The features of the best salon software provide client contact information, visit history, and tell the type of services and products the clients like to use on your browsing device within minutes, regardless of your location.


b) You can easily check a particular client's details before their scheduled appointment and stock up on their favorite products. You can suggest new beauty treatments and services based on their past preferences and even rebook their appointment before they leave your salon.


1. Client control


You may feel slightly anxious that your clients have free reign of your diary. With most software providers, this isn’t the case. You can specify which members of staff can be booked, certain times of the day that clients can book their own appointments and select which treatments and services are bookable.


"For example, any treatment or service that requires a patch test may be listed online, however the client is instructed to call the salon or spa to actually book this appointment."


2. Learn more about your customers


Online booking software also allows business owners to get to know more information about their clients so they can provide them with a better service. Whereas traditional salon software may only be able to capture their name, address and contact number; salon software like:



glumobilemedia can capture extensive information including their medical history, allergies and attendance record, which can be of great value to salon owners.


3. Upsell treatments to increase profits


One of the problems with scheduling appointments over the phone or using offline software is that it provides little opportunity for salons to upsell their treatments and increase their profits.


A great benefit of salon booking software is that it can be programmed to offer customers additional treatments that they may be interested in; based on the information they have submitted.


Because clients will be booking their appointments at their own leisure, they will be more likely to consider upsells than if they are being pressured over the phone, giving salons a better chance of increasing their profits.


4. Worried about no-shows?


We know some clients may get ‘click happy’. Customize your online booking to reduce your no shows. You can edit your payment settings to take full payment, deposits or newly registered client deposits.


"Run weekly online booking and no-show reports through your software system

to ensure that the numbers are low."


5. Appointment reminders


Are also a great way to ensure that your clients turn up for the service that they booked through your website. Check with your current software provider about client card settings; if you do have problems with the same client you should be able to prohibit them from booking their appointments online. 


This article has only scratched the surface of the benefits of computerizing your day spa or salon/spa business.


Appointment Scheduling Software can literally handle every management and marketing task that doesn't require your personal touch.


Computers will save you thousands of staff hours and resources while providing better, more current, more accurate information so you can spend your time making good decisions for the future of your company.

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