Salon Spa Marketing Ideas: How To Add More Bookings To Schedule With These Marketing Ideas


Create relevant content on your website. Blog categories or an on-site article directory are excellent for this.  Fresh and helpful content helps engage readers, build valuable links, attract leads and convert them to new sales. Salon Spa Marketing Ideas


Publish articles in trade or local magazines. Most people think published work is more valuable than a simple blog post, and articles cost less than advertising in the same magazine.


Speak at seminars and teach workshops. You’ll get publicity from marketing the event and from the event itself. Besides, you’ll look more professional in your customers’ eyes.


Network at your local Chamber of Commerce. This is a classic marketing idea for small businesses because it can yield big dividends. Association with the Chamber will make your events more credible, and you can find new partners or clients, or discover opportunities to teach or speak.



Make partnerships for co-promotion. Several related but non-competing businesses working together on a promotion can afford bigger ad space, better prizes, and other advertising expenses. Salon Spa Marketing Ideas

"Create a customer loyalty program to encourage future purchases and referrals."


List your business in local business directories. Google My Business from Google and Bing Places for Google from Bing are absolutely free for local businesses, while Yahoo Localworks from Yahoo is a paid service allowing to list your business in 50 directories (Yahoo Local, Yelp, WhitePages, Bing, Mapquest, etc.).


"Once you’re listed, start taking advantage of local search results, and don’t forget to ask you customers to leave reviews on your page."


Set up a PPC campaign. In most cases you can get a free $50 voucher from Bing or Google. If competition is not fierce - you'll be driving more sales soon.


Join groups on LinkedIn. It's not just another social network. LinkedIn has great groups - whether it's cooking or B2B marketing - your audience is there. Go get them!


Do guest blogging. Guest blogging is a great white-hat SEO method that helps you get links and traffic. You give away quality content and get exposure in return. Quality backlinks coming to your website is a free bonus!


Create value. Invest your time and energy in building a great product that creates value for your customers. If you manage do that - the product will be selling itself.

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