Salon Spa Customer Loyalty: How Successful Customer Loyalty Programs Can Avoid Common Pitfalls

We all know customer loyalty is the driving engine for a flourishing business. But what is customer loyalty, actually? Customer loyalty is having customers who are committed your company and your products, not just a price point that a competitor can easily emulate.


But customer loyalty goes two ways, and first you have to prove your loyalty before expecting to receive any in return. So what’s the best, most direct way to show customers your commitment, and inspire loyalty in return? A solid customer loyalty program.


If you want to build the loyalty program your customers deserve, this post will give you customer loyalty program ideas to turn everyday shoppers into loyal fans.


So what does this mean for your loyalty program? That giving customers even just the illusion of a head start can motivate them to complete loyalty program goals.


"If you’re still unclear on how to move forward, we’ve outlined Seven basic steps for you:"


Provide a goal


Your loyalty program should have a clear goal. Is there a big discount a customer can receive? A free item? Store credit? You can even use this incentive to inspire loyalty program sign-ups.


Set a clear path to that goal


Your loyalty program should have delineated milestones toward the ultimate goal. Is it filling out stamps on a card with each qualifying purchase? Or maybe it’s sharing a tweet on social media to receive points. Whatever it is, express it clearly and then commit to it.


Give new customers a head start toward that goal


Give customers a head start when they sign-up. This means giving them credit toward their goal before they even act—whether that be a stamp on a card or points in an account. Don’t let them start from zero.


Create an Exclusive Tier for Your High-Spenders


The real point of any loyalty program is to get people hooked on your brand, turning your average customer into a loyal fan. After all, customers buy your products; fans go out and try to convert their friends and family to your brand.


Use Customer Data to Enhance Your Loyalty Program


Though you may not have an app for your loyalty program, you can track purchases and have your sales agents recommend cross-sells based off of that data. When a customer feels like you intimately know their needs, they’re more likely to participate in your loyalty program for the long-term.


Make Your Loyalty Program Fit with a Greater Relationship Marketing Plan


A good loyalty program is about more than just offering customers a few rewards now and again. By really thinking about how your loyalty program can serve the customer experience and strengthen your relationships, you can increase your chances of creating strong loyalty with existing customers.


How do you hope to enhance your customer loyalty program


Though your loyalty program should not be used as a marketing channel, it should be a part of a greater, relationship marketing plan. This puts the focus on maintaining customers through solid relationship building, not advertising to new customers.

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