Spa Salon Reviews: 5 Most Popular Ways to Getting Positive Online Reviews


"Let's jump right into it!" 


#1. Pay attention to the reviews you already have.


It may sound obvious, but you can't generate good reviews (at least not legally) unless you have happy customers to write them. "No amount of asking for user reviews or soliciting feedback will help compensate for a bad first impression," Start by making sure to resolve any issues that particularly bother your customers if you possibly can


#2 Consider asking for reviews.


Not good reviews -- just reviews, and not until the end of the transaction. "You don't want to be pushy, but after you've delivered a service or product, it makes sense to ask that they review it on Yelp


"Let them know that the company takes their opinions seriously and checks that feedback daily."


#3 Respond quickly to bad reviews.


Resist the urge to defend your company, product, or employee, an approach that almost always makes things worse. "The key is not to fire back at the customer, the key is to examine the problem and resolve it,"



Also, if a bad review is warranted, thank the customer for the review and apologize for the bad experience. We find a customer will often go back and update a negative review once the issue has been resolved, so you can turn a negative into a positive if you act quickly."


#4 Remember, it's a numbers game.


The more reviews you get, the more likely you are to get one or more bad reviews. Even if you are providing the best product or service you can, some people will tend to complain. So your goal should be a large number of mostly good reviews. "If we get 10 reviews, seven good ones and three bad ones, that's a lot better for us than one review,"


#5 Make reviewing as easy as possible.


"Does your product have a 'give feedback' button that users encounter at the end of the process?"


"The user has three choices: one to send us feedback, one to suggest a new feature, and one that sends them to a review site. Do this hoping they would mostly write positive reviews, and that's how it's worked out."

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