Salon Marketing Ideas: 5 Key Salon Spa Marketing Trends For 2017

The biggest trends of 2017 will help marketers engage consumers more directly by circumventing distractions and increasing their marketing reach. These tactics appeal to fundamental aspects of human nature.


As such, they can help marketers create carefully coordinated campaigns and conversations where brands and consumers coalesce into a shared experience.


1. Content Marketing.


Content marketing is a strategic-marketing technique to create and distribute relevant information to attract a target audience. It's not a paid-and-done transaction, like placing a native ad. Rather, it's an ongoing process that's best integrated into an overall marketing strategy.


It can serve as the cornerstone to nearly any marketing plan and works for all types of brands because everyone uses it differently. The key is to be consistent, staying in character for your brand. If that brand voice is clever, interesting or funny, your target audience can't help but be engaged.


2. Experiment with livestreaming video and visual storytelling.


Video connects immediately to the viewer, conveying emotion and a message that often is far more memorable than static words in a newsfeed. Livestreaming video allows you to do this all on the fly. Consider the popularity of video-sharing sites such as YouTube.


Facebook got into the act in a big way in April when it launched Facebook Live. The tool puts broadcast capabilities at the fingertips of everyone who uses the world's biggest social-media network.


3. Give your social content an expiration date.


The premise is simple: Look now, or lose your chance forever. While this makes the content compelling and authentic, it also can prove difficult for marketers to use. Those brands savvy enough to harness its potential are finding it has an amazing upside.



4. Personalization priority.


To capture a distracted customer’s attention, marketers must reach him or her with personalized, relevant content. It’s all about creating marketing tactics that home in on exactly what consumers are looking for or thinking about.


Tracking consumers’ habits, interests and browsing histories is key to creating strategies that get them to close the sale or purchase the service.


5. Automate your efforts.


Marketing automation does exactly what the name suggests, using software platforms designed to put repetitive tasks on autopilot. This tool kit includes solutions for email marketing, social-media marketing, SMS and digital ads.


Brands that want to rise above the rest are finding this type of content allows them to bond with their consumers. It imbues brands with a bigger mission and creates public interest around the idea of supporting a worthy cause.



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