Free Online Booking App For Salon Spa: Online Booking App To Get Instant Bookings


Nothing is more frustrating as a professional in the hair and beauty spa than someone missing an appointment. Not only does it waste your time, but it upsets the customers who have had their appointment times rescheduled around as a result. Spa Appointment App


Even with a method in place to remind customers of upcoming appointments, effective marketing in a field as competitive as the hair and beauty industry can still be a real struggle.


"Here are a five ways you can use text messaging to make sure your spa is always busy."


#1 Automatic appointment reminders & booking confirmations


Send personalized, automatic reminders of upcoming appointments to make sure clients show up for bookings


#2 Fill empty appointments


Target existing customers with updates on products and special offers in the run up to quiet periods to make sure all appointments are full. Spa Appointment App


#3 Send price lists via a text message


Attach a price list to a text message through a short link and send to your customer base to make sure your customers are aware of your latest products and are well informed to make their booking
















#4 Promote other services


Send one-time use mobile vouchers with unique codes for certain services to offer discounts on other services in your range.


#5 Reward your loyal customers


Multiple-use mobile vouchers can be scanned every time a client visits with rewards given every few visits. Great for encouraging clients to choose your spa for future treatments


Besides using geo-targeted ads to get local customers to visit your website, you can include short links in your text messages to your website so recipients have all the information they need to make their appointment


Are you a mobile hairdresser or beautician? You can organise your text messages and send from anywhere with the glumobilemedia and easily import contact straight from your mobile phone

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