Text Message Marketing: 5 Key Benefits Text Message Marketing Will Help Your Business


Reasons why you should consider text message marketing as part of your customer communications.


As more brands look to target customers on the move, SMS is becoming an increasingly essential part of effective multi-channel marketing. Text message and sms marketing is the next evolution of the smart phone. It gives business owners and consumers a one to one connection. Text marketing.


However, with few digital marketing agencies featuring SMS as a core offering, their clients are potentially missing out on communications with customers and increased ROI.


The means to instigate two-way SMS messaging between a company and their mobile users is essential to building a brand in households around the world provided consumer privacy is protected through legal requirements for opt-in.


1. Don’t text too early!

We had a situation where a farm had their time zone set incorrectly and sent a text message to customers at 4am. Multiple customers reported being woken up by the text message. First off, don’t do this. But more importantly, this illustrates the power of text messaging: even while sleeping your customers may engage with a text message!


2. Schedule texts advantageously

Text messages are read very quickly after delivery, usually within 5 minutes, so send your text message at the exact moment when a customer is deciding to come to the market or not. I recommend about 1 to 2 hours before the market. Text Message Marketing


For Saturday morning, you may need to be more careful because of tip #1. You should choose between sending the message at 8am (no earlier!) or the night before — ask your customers or test it both ways and see what works better.


3. Be Relevant

If you operate or sell at multiple markets, you must have different text message lists for each market so you can be confident in your timing and that you are providing relevant information for each customer. If a customer starts getting messages about markets they do not attend, they will quickly unsubscribe.




4. Don’t send too often

With the great power of text message marketing, comes great responsibility. Text messages interrupt your customer which is great for getting them to come out to the market, but if you send messages too often, customers will get annoyed and unsubscribe. I recommend one text message per week  Text Message Marketing


5. Offer a special deal

If it makes sense, consider offering a special deal within your text message. For example, “Hi from Styles Salon! Mention you are a StylesFAN and get $10 off your treatment!” This moves product and also gives customers another added benefit to join your text message list.


Organisations mistakenly believe that mobile marketing requires heavy investment in apps and does not allow for personalised, targeted communication and lacks strong analysis to support ROI.


The reality is that access to mobile communications is far easier than perceived and gaining access to mobile consumers (smartphone and non-smartphone) can be as simple as sending a personalised, targeted text message.


Are you a hairdresser or beautician? You can organise your text messages and send from anywhere with the glumobilemedia and easily import contact straight from your mobile phone

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