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Managing information is the most time consuming task spa owners do. With a computer, information is easy to record and, once entered, is always there to access. Spa management software automatically puts data in a variety of places, creating multiple records that you can use for a many purposes -- but you only have to enter the information once.


Because all client information is kept up to date all the time, and because software can have the ability to gather this information, determine which clients should be included in your mailing and then format and print address labels, you can eliminate hours of work every single week on just this one task. Even better, no one gets missed and you can afford to do even more direct marketing than ever before. FREE Appointment Scheduling Software


Spend weekends with your family for a change, have a personal life, or work on other aspects of your business.


No More Messing Up of Appointments


The advanced salon management software makes appointment booking a breeze for your clients and staff. It is flexible and extremely user-friendly. It allows you to book new appointments or modify existing appointments online and on your mobile device.


The software allows you a quick glance at what appointments you have coming up for the week, or what is your schedule on any specific date.


Enhanced experience to your customers?


The features of the best salon software provide client contact information, visit history, and tell the type of services and products the clients like to use on your browsing device within minutes, regardless of your location.


You can easily check a particular client's details before their scheduled appointment and stock up on their favorite products. You can suggest new beauty treatments and services based on their past preferences and even rebook their appointment before they leave your salon. FREE Appointment Scheduling Software
















Impress your customers and give them better service


For instance, today's scheduling software can keep track of details as specific as the amount of time required for services, rooms or resources required and gaps in activity for staff during a service.


This means that when a service or service package is scheduled, the computer can look at the available resources and determine when is the best time to schedule the appointment. The computer can then block out not just the appointment time itself, but the time necessary for each room and each service provider.


Lose less money


All of the benefits mentioned in this article will help you make more money; but equally important is avoiding losses. If there is any part of your business that you believe you don't pay close enough attention to, you can bet that's where the leaks are.


Losses can come from several areas: less than efficient scheduling, poor inventory management, shrinkage (shoplifting and employee theft), as well as unprofitable products, service methods and facility management.


To avoid reduced profit margins and get the most from every client, service and staff hour, you need to keep track of all of these areas and make corrections on a regular basis. This requires accurate record keeping and reports that give you the data you need in a form you can use.


Do the impossible.


What if you wanted to track client visits and determine which clients are coming in less frequently? 

FREE Appointment Scheduling Software

Discontinuing services they used to do regularly or have disappeared altogether?


What if you wanted to send out birthday cards to clients who have birthdays next week?


Appointment Scheduling Software can automate all of this, cutting the required time to almost nothing. Imagine if you could generate labels for birthday cards, postcard offers or newsletter mailings for exactly the clients you want -- with just one mouse click?


This article has only scratched the surface of the benefits of computerizing your day spa or salon/spa business. Appointment Scheduling Software can literally handle every management and marketing task that doesn't require your personal touch.

FREE Appointment Scheduling Software

Computers will save you thousands of staff hours and resources while providing better, more current, more accurate information so you can spend your time making good decisions for the future of your company.

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