Salon Text Message Marketing: 5 Salon Text Message Marketing Benefits



Many small to mid-sized businesses we talk to are amazed to hear how many large, well-known brands are using SMS marketing today.  They’re also amazed when they realize not many, if any, of their competitors are using it.  


Quickly, the conversation turns to “why haven’t we considered this sooner” and “when can we start?” As with any form of marketing, whenever you can reach the audience where your competition isn’t, the more effective it can be Salon Text Message Marketing


1. Know your target audience


In every text you send, the target audience must be addressed. Understanding their needs will help you craft promotions to send via text that will make a difference in this demographic, further driving traffic into the salon.


2. Be personal


Your texts messages should be personalized for your clients. Utilizing your text software to address each text with the name of the person will enhance your brand and image, while developing loyal customers.


3. Target the right hair and beauty clients with SMS marketing


Just because it’s only 160 characters and is on a phone doesn’t mean you should disregard the fundamental marketing rules.


If you’re promoting a flash offer or cancellation slot think carefully about your target audience. It costs you profit to send indiscriminate blanket texts so why would you do it? If you’re promoting a Shellac manicure then texting it to your male spa clients is probably not the smartest marketing move.
















4. The right timing for your salon SMS marketing


For hair and beauty appointment reminders I feel texting the day before is a tad too late. If I’ve genuinely forgotten my appointment it’s not giving me much time to re-arrange anything. I think 48 hours beforehand works best.


By contrast, I’d text flash offers out fairly last minute as it creates a sense of urgency and scarcity. Recipients are more likely to phone there and then. With on-the-day cancellations it clearly makes sense to text as soon as you know there’s a gap to be filled. Salon Text Message Marketing


5. SMS marketing HUGE engagement rate


Eight times the engagement rate of email. What does this mean? It means that the chance of those reading your texts actually taking action is high.


Text messages enjoy high engagement and conversion rates, allowing you to market to a smaller audience but still see the same number of leads turning into sales. You can also see a much bigger increase in business when you decide it’s time to market to a larger audience.


Sticky Tip: Measure the campaign  


You will be able to check the success of your program by seeing the number of no-shows decrease. By using a promo code, you will be able to successfully monitor and measure any results needed to make an impact.


Being able to see which campaigns were successful and which ones were not also provides insight into what the customers like and want on a consistent basis.

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