Salon Booking App: How To Increase Bookings In 8 Easy Steps


Managing information is the most time consuming task Salon owners do. With a Salon Booking App, information is easy to record and, once entered, is always there to access. Salon management software automatically puts data in a variety of places, creating multiple records that you can use for a many purposes -- but you only have to enter the information once.


1. Trim No-Shows


Automated sms reminders keep customers turning up on schedule. Scale up your sales with reduced no-shows. Salon Booking App


2. Prompt and on Time


You've got enough to take care of. We'll remind customers & staff when it's time. One less worry; you'll do better.


3. Improved Bookings


In an era where people are more comfortable buying online, your salon booking pages will drive more sales.


4. Anywhere, Anytime


Your salon appointment calendar will be accessible from any device with Internet access.
















5. We're Mobile


Take your salon on the go with our beautifully designed mobile salon apps for iPhone and Android. Salon Booking App


6. No More Messing Up of Appointments


The advanced salon management software makes appointment booking a breeze for your clients and staff. It is flexible and extremely user-friendly.


It allows you to book new appointments or modify existing appointments online and on your mobile device.


7. Lose less money


All of the benefits mentioned in this article will help you make more money; but equally important is avoiding losses.


If there is any part of your business that you believe you don't pay close enough attention to, you can bet that's where the leaks are.


8. Do the impossible.


What if you wanted to track client visits and determine which clients are coming in less frequently, discontinuing services they used to do regularly or have disappeared altogether? What if you wanted to send out birthday cards to clients who have birthdays next week?


Appointment Scheduling Software can automate all of this, cutting the required time to almost nothing.


For instance, today's scheduling software can keep track of details as specific as the amount of time required for services, rooms or resources required and gaps in activity for staff during a service.


This means that when a service or service package is scheduled, the computer can look at the available resources and determine when is the best time to schedule the appointment. The computer can then block out not just the appointment time itself, but the time necessary for each room and each service provider.

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