Salon Marketing Ideas: 7 Salon Marketing Ideas For The Busy Salon Owner


Everyone loves to look their very best and no service helps to achieve the perfect look better than a hair salon does. The only problem that salons sometimes face is that they are considered a premium service, so the costs are eliminated from a budget if times for a customer get tight.


Is there a way a hair salon can market their services to new clientele so that they can have a consistent level of income streaming through the door?


1. Build Relationships


Social media advertising offers hair salons the opportunity to build relationships with people who may be existing or potential clients and to stay in front of them. Offering specials online through contests can be a way to draw people to a social media site, as can be frequent updates with tips on hair care or the latest information on new styles.


2. Partnerships  


Partner with local professional photographers so you can capture a customer at their very best, the moment they have left your chair. These images will make them feel beautiful, boost their confidence, and make them feel like a million bucks. This partnership works double-duty for you because many photographers need help with makeup and stylist for a shoot.


3. Existing Clientele


Businesses know that their existing customers are their best customers. Hair salons should not overlook opportunities to advertise to existing clients--through e-newsletters, for example. By staying in close contact with this group and offering them specials, early information about new products and personalized tips for hair care and new styles, salons can cement relationships and encourage not only repeat sales, but referrals as well.



4. Social Media


Social media options like Facebook and Twitter offer simple and cost effective--the only cost is your time--options for generating awareness, building followers and maintaining relationships with clients and prospective clients. Use these tools to keep your target audience up to date about new happenings at your salon, new services and products or special events.


“Consider the use of contests to increase followers and generate business for your salon--a percentage off coupon for a makeover, for instance, is likely to generate interest and buzz about your services.”


5. Text Message Marketing  


Utilize SMS marketing to reach your established customer base with new and exclusive discounts every once and awhile. Even just one text message every 6 weeks to remind a client that they should follow-up with you can give you a big boost in your appointments. Make sure you have permission to send these texts, however, because data and messaging rates may apply and not everyone may want to receive them.


6. Get Outside


Go outside the salon to host a promotion or two and you’ll get a chance to show off your expertise where people might normally be able to see your talents. Consider giving free demonstrations to people about how to style their hair, maybe give away free haircuts, and revel in the extra exposure.


“Any commercial gathering that sells booths or tables, including farmer’s markets and art festivals, are a great way to market yourself to a new demographic.”


7. Contests & Giveaways


Throw contests to drive new customers through your doors and you can even put these contests on social media if you want. A great way to get people involved and provide you with marketing value is to ask for testimonials that you can publish publicly in return for a raffle ticket, a door prize entry, or a discount on their next visit.


If all else fails, focus on a specific niche and then work hard to perfect it so that people see you as the niche expert in your community. Maybe it’s hair coloring or it’s trimming bangs – whatever you’re best at, market that one specific skill to people and prove that you can provide more value in the final outcome than your competitors with consistently good results.

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