Salon Advertising Ideas: 7 Best Salon Advertising Ideas


Starting your own business takes guts and tenacity. But getting started is just the beginning. To be successful, it’s important to attract new clients and establish yourself as a go-to salon. Marketing is an integral part of your continued success. We’re all familiar with basic marketing tactics because we experience them every single day.


From magazine ads to billboards to promoted Facebook posts, marketing is everywhere. While these channels are no-doubt effective, there are a lot of out-of-the-box ways to market your salon. Here are some ideas to get you started.


1. Focus on social media.


Post pictures of your work to your salon’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter pages. Engage with fans and provide exclusive deals to those who follow you on social media avenues.


2. Google Adwords.


This concept is pretty simple. People search for salons on Google, in your local market, and you pay for them to click on your ad. They head over to your website, and fill out a contact form or call you. That’s a lead.


3. Facebook Ads.


Similar to Adwords, you pay when people click on your ad. This method can be effective if you target very specific clientele. Facebook lets you set up specific demographics.




4. Adroll Retargeting.


Not all your advertising money from Google Adwords and Facebook Ads is going to convert. Adroll lets you remarket to those clients who didn’t convert to a sale the first time.


They’ll see your ad again when they browse other websites, and may come back to your website by being marketed to again.


5. Boost Yelp online reviews.


Ask your VIP clients to leave you a review online. At least 70% of potential clients search for online reviews before trying out a new salon.


6. Set up selfie #Hashtag station 


Set up a mirror in front of your chair, so clients can take a selfie and post it to social media.


7. Re-Market to these clients.


Send an SMS Text Message, email, or use a mailer to make sure you get that re-booking.


To get even more bang for your buck, ask the team members and their parents to tag you in any pictures they post to social media. It’ll introduce your business to their circle of followers.

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