Salon Marketing: 5 Foolproof Salon Spa Marketing Ideas To Reach Customers


In the highly competitive and crowded day spa industry, effective marketing can make or break your business.  Typically, spa and salon business tends to fluctuate from one season to the next, and from year to year.  An effective marketing plan can help you get through the thin times, and make the most of the good ones.


1. Create Great Social Media Content


Being a business salon owner or manager doesn’t free up much time for designing great content but there are a couple of fantastic solutions to help you with ideas & inspiration.


Pinterest is huge for females and there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a profile SALON MARKETING


Goes without saying create an Instagram profile. There are 77.6 million users in the US alone, which is over 25% of the population.


It is still a shock to us that some salons, barbers and spas do not have a Facebook page. If you are an individual salon make sure you set up at Facebook ‘Local Business’ page. If you are a chain we suggest open individual ‘Local Business’ pages and one ‘Brand’ page. When posting always tag your salon and tag people if people are in the photos.


Post on Social Media at the Right Time: USE BUFFER


Research shows people are more responsive to most social media platforms in the early evening for Facebook, Twitter & Instagram but if you are posting to Google Plus then 10am in the morning is the best time


We suggest a great scheduling tool called Buffer which has over 3 million users and has global data on when is the right time to post to get maximum impact.


2. Go where your customers are


Google Adwords:


We recommend you only buy Google Adwords on mobile (make sure you website looks good on a mobile phone) and this also allows you to choose to show your advert to people 5 miles away from your hair or beauty salon for instance. More people search now on smartphones than on desktops


Top tip for mobile…


Set up ads for the keyword ‘hair salons near me’ and only display to people searching 5 miles from your salon through what is called ‘Radius Targeting’ on Google Adwords


You can use the same technique for the broader search ‘hair salons’, which usually bidding on is not a good term, as it is too generic.



3. Get involved with the community.


Being involved in your community can bring a sense of satisfaction to the work you do. How many people in your community know about your salon and what you do? Get the word out there! Host a client appreciation event.


Host a large gala once a year where you bring all your clients together. This will strengthen your relationship with them!


4. Recurring Booking


Ensure your loyal salon customers are staying loyal to your salon…



If they have their hair cut every three, then make sure your salon appointment booking software can do the hard work or if you are doing it the old fashioned way get the receptionist to put it in the appointment book.


Keep those customers retain!


5. Send Discount Offers to Old Customers


It cost you money to acquire customer in the first place (other then referrals), so make sure you try and make sure you turn them into long term profitable and loyal customers.


Send tailored offers to those customers who haven’t not been to your salon for 90 days minimum.


Don’t just send a generic message to old customers, it simply won’t work!


There’s no substitution for excellent customer service.  If a promotion should get out of hand and you find yourself inundated with new customers all coming in for a discounted service, do your best to manage the situation and don’t overbook.  Customers who feel they’re being slighted because they have a coupon are quick to complain on Yelp.  Remember, the whole point of offering the discount is to bring in new clients.  Give each one the same outstanding service you give to those who are paying full price.  If even a small percentage become regular clients, it will have been worth it!

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