Salon Spa Advertising: 5 Most Popular Ways To Advertise Your Salon Spa


1.Get out there.


If your salon offers special-occasion hair services, book a booth at a local bridal show or offer to style models for a prom fashion show. Also, reach out to wedding planners in your area to discuss working out a referral system. And don’t forget to post your salon’s best updos and event hairstyles on your salon’s Pinterest account.


2.Partner with Hotels which host a lot of Wedding Parties


Speak to local hotels who you know run a lot of wedding events. Become their salon of choice if they have have a bride who is wishing to have her hair done at the hotel. Add to wedding directories wedding hairdressing is a lucrative business and very fulfilling also. Add your salon to one of the top wedding directory sites. Mywedding. You can also Google ‘area + wedding + directory’ to find places to add links in your local area.


3.Google Adwords


We recommend you only buy Google Adwords on mobile (make sure you website looks good on a mobile phone) and this also allows you to choose to show your advert to people 5 miles away from your hair or beauty salon for instance.


More people search now on smartphones than on desktops


Top tip for mobile…


Set up ads for the keyword ‘hair salons near me’ and only display to people searching 5 miles from your salon through what is called ‘Radius Targeting’ on Google Adwords

You can use the same technique for the broader search ‘hair salons’, which usually bidding on is not a good term, as it is too generic.


4.Speed up slow days.


Take a look at your calendar and determine your least-busy days and time slots (it’s easy to do with glumobilemedia appointment scheduling software. Entice clients with special promotions during these times, like discounted blowouts on Thursdays before 5 p.m. Keep customers in the loop about your new offers by sending out weekly, biweekly, or monthly emails with glumobilemedia marketing software.


While you’re at it, let customers know when you’ve started using online scheduling tool and offer a free gift for new appointments booked through the website.




A key recommendation is how your client needs to maintain their service. Tell your client exactly when they need to come back to the salon to get the result you have just discussed. Imagine if we had to figure out for ourselves when to return to the doctor. YOU are the expert!


Re-booking is just a result of how well you do this. Focus on one client at a time, one visit at a time – just focus on outstanding results. Make this a matter of priority and your salon will grow. Then you can add some marketing that will allow your salon to truly succeed at a way higher level.

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