Salon Spa Software: 5 Tips Your Online Booking Software Needs For Success


When salon owners think about freshening their salon, they often only look for salon interior decoration ideas but your locations window is what people see when they walk by day after day and your biggest promotion tool to the outside world…..


Get rid of the clutter, the discount signs etc and keep it fresh and simply like an interior should be.


1. Loyalty Program


Your main objective as a salon owner or manager is to win, convert and retain customers.

We know most customers are highly loyal to their hairstylist, so some salons don’t need a loyalty program.


Look at a loyalty scheme in another way Don’t discount core product…ie the hair cut

But offer visits which can be redeemed against retail products.


2. Customer Referral Program


Often called a ‘refer-a-friend’, these programmes can work well for those with a small marketing budget, but make sure you don’t lose money on them as it can be quite easy sometimes to get lost in everything by not working out how much profit you will make from a customer over the lifetime of them being a client (called Lifetime Value or LTV for short).


Why not give you customers referral cards to allow them to introduce their friends to your salon, barbers or spa.


The more they introduce people the more discount they can get on products…remember don’t discount your core product.


3. SMS Appointment Reminders


Stop losing business through no-shows. Invest in appointment reminder SMS to ensure that customer are reminded of their appointment.


This is essential if customers are on automated recurring appointments.


4. Recurring Booking


Ensure your loyal salon customers are staying loyal to your salon…

hassle free.


If they have their hair cut every three, then make sure your salon appointment booking software can do the hard work or if you are doing it the old fashioned way get the receptionist to put it in the appointment book.


5. Brand Products


If you are running a bigger salon or have multiple locations; producing your own product range could be a viable option for you and allows you to improve margins and improve your brand awareness.

Your salon must have a good reputation and loyal customer base to support an own brand product range.

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