Salon Spa Online Booking Software: How To Add More Customers Rapidly To Your Salon Spa In 3 Quick Steps


Picture this. You’re a hair stylist with a box full of tools made specifically to snatch up hair stylist clients.  One specific tool has been proven to work time and time again. Why then would you simply decide, “I don’t like it, I’m not using it and you can’t make me.”


What kind of goofiness it that? Cheddar is cheddar. And if you’ve got unencumbered access to a system  that will help you get more cheddar for your small salon or that chair you’re so proudly standing behind, why wouldn’t you use it?


The usual excuse is that creating articles on a regular basis takes too much work. It’s far easier to just drop a few bucks on Google Adwords and call it a day.


“Marketing IS NOT ABOUT YOU!”


1. Last minute appointments.


Is your schedule not completely full for some AM spots? Fill in the gaps by sending out e-mails or text for discounted appointments.


2. Timed reminders.


Is your client due back in to book their next color treatment after 5 weeks? Send them a reminder. What about clients who haven’t been in to your salons in 3 months? Send them a ‘we miss you’ incentive.


3. Create a loyalty program.


Give clients points for trying out a new service or referring another guest. The points can be converted to cash. It’ll keep the clients coming back!


This is one of those hair salon online booking ideas that generates a lot of mental constipation. It’s a hard sell to tell a hair stylist to create something today so it will bring you new leads next month, next year, two years from now etc. Of course, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.


The big day has arrived. After all that marketing effort your new client arrives for their first appointment.


Don’t blow this golden opportunity you’ve worked so hard for. Ensure they feel super-special. Because if you don’t they’re unlikely to give you another chance. And you’re back to square one.

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