Salon Spa Customer Loyalty: 3 Secrets To Winning Customers And Create Raving Fans


Every online business today has a customer loyalty program but a very few are able to sustain it. Given below is the article that describes how five basic practices can help supporting your customer loyalty program.


Not being able to measure customer loyalty? Are you facing hurdles in retaining customers? Whether you have just plunged into your customer loyalty program or in the middle of it, there is a need to develop stronger strategies which could allow you to follow the practices supporting your customer retention program. Do you need tips for developing a perfect customer loyalty plan?


Well, this article throws light on the 3 best practices to support your customer retention program and sail smooth towards business success.


1. Getting Customers Enrolled for your Loyalty Program


Your customer loyalty program will no longer be effective if you don’t have anyone enrolled in it. Therefore, the foremost step is to use different tactics of encouraging customers to get enrolled for your program because doing this, you can get enough information about them which can be used in future for different purposes. Most of the time, businesses use this basic information to contact back customers in future. Usually, customers avoid unnecessary registration and want to conclude their purchase as early as possible.


This is your smartness how you convince them to take out time to register on your website. The easiest trick is to show them the points they may lose upon leaving your e-store as a guest. Don’t forget that customers are always in search of such offers.


2. Keep Monitoring your Visitors’ Activities


You must be aware of what your customers are up to on your website. Knowing this you can catch them at the critical instants on your website. For instance, if a customer is spending more time on one of your pages, you can catch him proactively by sending a chat invitation but make sure the message you send is relevant to the situation. Which is the point where customers are more likely to seek immediate assistance? It is certainly the checkout stage where you are supposed to come to the rescue.


3. Give them Rewards/Points as Promised


You need to confirm either you have rewarded your potential clients with the points upon signing up with you because they may lose interest in your program if not given points. Moreover, there are chances their trust in your business develops more strongly upon receiving the promised ‘returns’ exactly in the manners you described on your website.


Even you can offer points after every first purchase, this way your potential clients are likely to share their helpful experiences with many others on social media page and thus your marketing campaigns get strengthened through positive-word of mouth.


"A strong customer loyalty program is likely to yield unlimited benefits for your online business –for instance, you cannot only make a loyal customer base but can also generate your brand advocates, who spread a positive word-of-mouth on social media and other platforms."

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