5 Salon Spa Advertising Ideas You Must Know To Maximize Your Advertising Budget


If you want to succeed as a salon owner, you need to develop a marketing mindset. Know the beauty industry intimately, learn everything you can about your treatments and products and share it passionately with others. Business building is about drawing attention to your salon, to your way of performing beauty techniques, methods and modalities.


Your marketing is message is not only about what you do, But HOW you do, and HOW YOU DO IT DIFFERENTLY.


1. Create a profitable front desk.


Train your staff to re-book clients for their next session. Teach your front desk what services to cross-sell and up-sell.


2. Be price savvy.


Price your services and products too low, and you’ll lose money. Price them too high, and you’ll lose clients. Be concise about your pricing. Offer 20% discount for friends and family (great way to market within the salon itself).


3. Boost online reviews.


Ask your VIP clients to leave you a review online. At least 70% of potential clients search for online reviews before trying out a new salon.


4. Google Adwords.


This concept is pretty simple. People search for salons on Google, in your local market, and you pay for them to click on your ad. They head over to your website, and fill out a contact form or call you. That’s a lead.


5. Facebook Ads.


Similar to Adwords, you pay when people click on your ad. This method can be effective if you target very specific clientele. Facebook lets you set up specific demographics.


Stick Tip: Be direct. You could literally ask your client for a few minutes of their time and interview them. Ask them what they would have liked better during their visit. This will help you keep them coming back and even refer you when they see how much you care!


A client has taken the trouble to visit your beauty salon. They may have rescheduled a meeting, sacrificed their lunch break, got stuck in traffic, left their warm and cosy home to see you on a rainy day, they may have organised a babysitter to see you. Consider it an honour to have a client make the time to see you. All clients deserve a positive and pleasant salon experience.


They want something extraordinary. Pay attention to the details that deliver what your clients want.


Happy clients is one who feels their purchases are worthwhile. Make it a pleasure to do business with you. Look at your beauty business through the eyes of your clients. When clients feel good about the experience and would like to return they feel it is worth exchanging money for the Experience they received at your salon there is greater potential word of mouth marketing sources. Make delivering on your promises a top priority.


As a Day Spa or Salon owner your database is an asset worth its weight in gold. Consider the lifetime value of a client. How much does each of your clients spend on average per month, per year and over a lifetime? It costs anywhere from 5 to 8 times more to gain a new clients as opposed to retaining your clients.


Therefore, it is obvious you need to place as strong emphasis on keeping existing clients. Keeping in touch with your clients and staying top of mind is important to gain repeat business. By sending promotional material, thank you cards, birthday wishes and emails to your database you can send a lot more follow-up and repeat messages than you would otherwise with traditional advertising.

Text Marketing is a highly effective way to build loyalty and trust. It is an excellent and cost-effective medium to combine with your other marketing mediums.

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