Text Message Marketing: 4 Text Message Marketing Tips To Reach Customers Rapidly



You will be able to send messages to those who have agreed to receive communication from your company, and to customers who have previously had some form of relationship with the business. This way, you will be sending messages to people who are likely to be interested, and more likely to respond.


1. Keeping in touch with your customers


SMS marketing or bulk SMS messaging has proven so popular amongst retailers and small business owners because the service allows them to stay in touch with their customers, and send personalised text messages instantly. You will be able to promote a new product launch, advertise a new service, or inform your customers of a discount or promotion you are running.


Own a hair salon? Advertise the store’s new extended opening hours through SMS marketing.


In charge of a small toy store? Keep your customers informed about your most sought-after products by sending a text.


The possibilities are endless.


2. More cost-effective than other marketing campaigns


SMS marketing is both easy to set up, and cost-effective. Incorporating bulk SMS messaging into the marketing campaign of your business can cost significantly less than other more traditional forms of communication, such as radio or television advertising, newsletters, or a direct mail campaign.


Create a direct and effective contact channel with SMS marketing; you can reach up to 100,000 customers by text, providing your recipients with a clear and concise promotional message in as little as 160 characters.


3. Increase customer response rate to your campaign


Studies show that customers are not only more likely to open and read your text message when compared with other forms of communication like email or direct mail, they are also more likely to respond. Just think about how many people in the US own a mobile handset, and how many of those people take their mobile with them wherever they go. You will be able to communicate with your customers in almost any location, where they can respond to you when away from home or the office.


And unlike email, where messages can end up in the junk folder and never even seen, bulk SMS messages will be sent direct to the recipient’s inbox, and depending on the phone model and network operator, sometimes opened automatically.


4. Send highly targeted communication


Long gone are the days when business owners would send out text messages in the hope that the SMS would reach the targeted demographic of their store or business.


Today mobile marketing campaigns are much more effective, and choosing which customers to tailor your promotional campaign to will be based on the marketing information you have previously collected.

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