5 Salon Spa Advertising Ideas To Boost Bookings Rapidly


The problem with salon marketing these days is that there is so much you can do, how do you know which activities to choose first?


Which ones are going to bring in the most new clients and generate significant profits?


After all, at the end of the day we don’t want our stylists sitting in the team room being paid to do nothing! In fact it’s quite the opposite, we want them to be fully booked because it’s at that point they become highly profitable and help drive the business forward, allowing the salon to build up reserves of cash.


1. Google My Business


If you only do ONE of these salon advertising ideas today;

take control of your salons listing on Google My Business.


Make sure…


To add the same address, zip code / postcode and telephone number to your profile as what is on your website. Add great quality photos of your salon.


"We suggest excellent quality exterior and interior shots with no people. Pictures sell!"


There are 1 million searches per month in the USA for hair salons, make sure you are not missing out on this undisputed leader in new customer generation!


2. Google Adwords


Google Adwords can be quite costly if you get it wrong.


We recommend you only buy Google Adwords on mobile (make sure you website looks good on a mobile phone) and this also allows you to choose to show your advert to people 5 miles away from your hair or beauty salon for instance.


More people search now on smartphones than on desktops... WOW!!!


Top tip for mobile…


Set up ads for the keyword ‘hair salons near me’ and only display to people searching 5 miles from your salon through what is called ‘Radius Targeting’ on Google Adwords


You can use the same technique for the broader search ‘hair salons’, which usually bidding on is not a good term, as it is too generic.


3. Create Great Social Media Content


Being a business salon owner or manager doesn’t free up much time for designing great content but there are a couple of fantastic solutions to help you with ideas & inspiration.



Pinterest is huge for females and there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a profile


Goes without saying create an Instagram profile. There are 77.6 million users in the US alone, which is over 25% of the population.


It is still a shock to us that some salons, barbers and spas do not have a Facebook page. If you are an individual salon make sure you set up at Facebook ‘Local Business’ page.


Got loyal customers?


"You have lots of them!"


Ask them to do a ‘before and after’ photo and post it on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.Don’t forget to tag your salon (you can do this on Facebook,


Don’t forget to tag your salon (you can do this on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) and the person who is in the photo, so it appears on their timeline.


4. Partner With Other Local Businesses


Go and talk to other local businesses, especially bars, coffee shops and restaurants.


It is a great opportunity to give discounts to the waiting, bar staff and baristas, they are a great advert for your salon and often very good influencers in the locality.


5.Text Old Customers


Getting footfall in the first place is difficult, so make sure you market to old customers effectively.

Why not send an SMS to those customers who not come to your salon for 90 days with an offer.


Imagine your salon nine months from now being nearly fully booked, busy and thriving. You see a significant increase in sales and your ability to create wealth has greatly improved.


Your team are loving their wage packets and are happy, motivated and love the buzz that you’ve. created.


But what are the top five marketing activities that really work for the hair and beauty industry?

What are the marketing activities that will help you achieve all of the above?

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