6 Salon Spa Marketing Ideas To Fill Your Schedule

 We know that most women look forward to their “day at the salon”, to get touched up, pampered and groomed. Finding the right salon and stylist that creates the look, experience and vibe is the challenge, but when we do it’s kind of magical.


How salons market, promote and create their culture and environment to customers should be their highest priority. The tools, options and activities that are available in today’s marketing world is nothing short of plentiful and amazing.


Here are some marketing tips and ideas that can assure you are delivering the services and experience that customers expect and appreciate.


1. Google Adwords


Google Adwords can be quite costly if you get it wrong.


We recommend you only buy Google Adwords on mobile (make sure you website looks good on a mobile phone) and this also allows you to choose to show your advert to people 5 miles away from your hair or beauty salon for instance.


More people search now on smartphones than on desktops


Top tip for mobile…


Set up ads for the keyword ‘hair salons near me’ and only display to people searching 5 miles from your salon through what is called ‘Radius Targeting’ on Google Adwords


You can use the same technique for the broader search ‘hair salons’, which usually bidding on is not a good term, as it is too generic.


2. Improve your Website


Usability and search engine optimisation of a website if key if you want to drive new customers to your salon.


There are some important questions you need to have on your website checklist..


Does your website have this on the front page


  • Telephone number

  • Address

  • Opening times

  • Price list

  • Quality photos of your salon, barbers or spa

  • Online booking button if you accept online bookings


More importantly…


Is your website mobile friendly?


If not Google will push you further down the search results in favour of mobile friendly websites

Add your Keyword to Website Titles.


Too many people don’t have the right secret sauce on their homepage for Google to find their website.


Having just your logo on you homepage doesn’t work and you could be spending your time on other salon marketing ideas then this essential one. You should have the following


You should have the following


Page Title: hair salon + district / city – Salon name (example Hair Salon Brooklyn – Headcutters Salon)


H1 Title: hair salon + district / city (example Hair Salon Brooklyn)


H2 Title: Should be somewhere lower down you page and should be something like ‘hairdressing


3. Partner With Other Local Businesses


Go and talk to other local businesses, especially bars, coffee shops and restaurants.


It is a great opportunity to give discounts to the waiting, bar staff and baristas, they are a great advert for your salon and often very good influencers in the locality.


4. Ensure your Staff are Marketeers


Make sure your teams are posting photos of their haircuts on their Facebook and Instagram profiles….but remind them to tag the salon and the people (always ask permission) when posting.


If they tag the people, they photos will show up on the customers’ friends feed. but remind them to tag the salon and the people (always ask permission) when posting.If they tag the people, they photos will show up on the customers’ friends feed. If they tag the people, they photos will show up on the customers’ friends feed.


5. Add or Claim your Business on Yelp


Goes without saying, you have to have your business on Yelp and manage those reviews properly.


Don’t try and cheat Yelp by putting fake reviews, they have many years of experience in catching people and they do…all the time


6. Create a Loyalty Program


Your main objective as a salon owner or manager is to win, convert and retain customers.


We know most customers are highly loyal to their hairstylist, so some salons don’t need a loyalty program.


Look at a loyalty scheme in another way


Don’t discount core product…ie the hair cut


But offer points which can be redeemed against retail products.


Review your marketing plan and strategy. Update it, refine it and make sure it is the right one for you now.


Create a message and strategy that will delight, resonate and make customers and your public proud and happy to be working with you.

It’s a major accomplishment to start and grow a business. Equally imperative is to give back, help others and help your business community to grow and prosper. Supporting the community, industry and people that supports you and aligning yourself and your business with issues and causes you are passionate about says a lot about you to your public and community.

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