Salon Spa Online Booking: 6 Tips To Keep Customers Booked


The beauty business is one of the most dynamic and fast-paced industries around. Hair Styles, products, dyes and nail polish colors all shift with the seasons, along with the desires of fickle customers.


The great part about beauty salons and spas is that there will never be a shortage of clients. Everyone needs a haircut sometimes! And lots of women, and increasingly men, love getting regular mani-pedis, along with tweezing, waxing, threading or laser hair removal. It just takes a bit of marketing savvy to make your beauty business boom. Here are the basics to get you started!


Sometimes, a warm smile from a great stylist or nail artist is the most refreshing thing your client will see all day. And that might be all that’s needed.


"Just in case you forget to smile, here are 6 tips to help your smile!" 


1. Send thank you e-mails + Text Messages. Set up your salon software to send out a thank you e-mail, or text at the end of the day or the end of the week, or even immediately following a client’s visit to the salon.


2. Send appointment confirmations. Sending a confirmation to your client as a reminder can avoid several missed appointments.


3. Last minute appointments. Is your schedule not completely full for some AM spots? Fill in the gaps by sending out e-mails, or text messages for discounted appointments.


4. Timed reminders. Is your client due back in to book their next color treatment after 5 weeks? Send them a reminder. What about clients who haven’t been in to your salons in 3 months? Send them a ‘we miss you’ incentive.


5. Text message marketing. Have your salon software send clients a text message with your daily or weekly promotion. This is underrated and can be really effective. Just collect the client’s phone number and send a special offer


6. Gift certificate promotions. Send your clients a reminder about your latest gift card incentive…something as simple as; buy a $100 gift card for a friend or family member, get a $20 gift card for yourself!


Sticky Tip:


Send out a survey.

Do you want an easy way to get some feedback? Send out all your guests for the day or the week a survey request to see how your salon is doing.


Remarket to old clients.

Did a past client stop coming in?

If they have not been in to your salon for at least 6 months, send them a email or text to have them come back.


Guess What? 

All those people walking around outside, they’re staring down at their phones. Someone is probably walking right past your salon door…the smell of floral shampoo wafting up their nose…but they are too busy searching for salons online to notice.  


It’s a good idea to get your location ONLINE, since a whopping 94% of customers search the Internet before hitting the pavement. There are a handful of great services that ensure your location will be discovered by potential customers in your area.

There are also great low-cost location-based marketing tools to help you attract local customers, with tools such as location based targeting, so people in the area get notified of any specials of promos you may have.

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