Appointment Scheduling Software: Why These 5 Tips Are Crucial To Salon Spa Success

Over the year’s hair and beauty salons have gone from scribbling down appointments in notebooks to using advanced scheduling software but now thanks to online salon software they can experience a whole host of new benefits.


Here we will provide 5 reasons to use cloud salon software and explain why it is more beneficial than off-line solutions.


1. 24/7 bookings


One of the main benefits of online bookings is that it allows clients to book appointments at their own convenience. Rather than having to pop into a salon to make an appointment or wait for someone to pick up the phone at busy times, with online booking software, they can simply log on to the salon’s website at any time day or night and schedule their appointments.

The online salon software will update in real time to ensure that appointment slots are not double booked, saving the salon from embarrassing and costly scheduling issues.


2. Learn more about your customers


Online booking software also allows business owners to get to know more information about their clients so they can provide them with a better service. Whereas traditional salon software may only be able to capture their name, address and contact number; salon software like

glumobilemedia can capture extensive information including their medical history, allergies and attendance record, which can be of great value to salon owners.


3. Increase customer loyalty


Salon software can also help to improve customer retention by allowing salons to offer unique loyalty schemes. Using software like glumobilemedia, you will be able to track how much clients spend on treatments in your salon so you can reward them with loyalty points, discounts and even freebies. This can help to win over customers and ensure they continue coming back to your salon for all of their favorite treatments.


4. Upsell treatments to increase profits


One of the problems with scheduling appointments over the phone or using offline software is that it provides little opportunity for salons to upsell their treatments and increase their profits. A great benefit of salon booking software is that it can be programmed to offer customers additional treatments that they may be interested in; based on the information they have submitted. Because clients will be booking their appointments at their own leisure, they will be more likely to consider upsells than if they are being pressured over the phone, giving salons a better chance of increasing their profits.


5. Save time and money


Being able to take bookings online 24/7 and process payments securely over the internet will save on admin time and costs. It will also allow your salon staff to work more productively, as they will not have to interrupt their appointments to take bookings in-person or over the phone.


Sticky Tip:


Unlike off-line solutions, online booking salon software can be accessed using any device.


This means that salon managers and other authorized users can log on to the system on their PC, tablet or even smartphone to check their appointments.


There is no need for them to download and install any software – all they need is a web browser.

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