5 Salon Spa Advertising Ideas To Reach & Keep Customers


Your salon has been getting a bit of a bad rap lately, hasn’t it? The news media hasn’t been very kind to salons thanks to the poor decisions of a few who have abused the technology, which means you’ve got to be active right now with positive marketing campaigns that you can do all on your own! A negative perception caused by others isn’t your fault, but you do need to do something about it.


The first steps to take need to involve an honest approach to what it is that you do. Many salons have a good established base of customers, but these marketing ideas can help your business grow and reach new potential customers to fill out your daily appointments.

Are you ready to have your salon reach its maximum potential?


1. Create Great Social Media Content


Being a business salon owner or manager doesn’t free up much time for designing great content but there are a couple of fantastic solutions to help you with ideas & inspiration.


Pinterest is huge for females and there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a profile


Goes without saying create an Instagram profile. There are 77.6 million users in the US alone, which is over 25% of the population.


It is still a shock to us that some salons, barbers and spas do not have a Facebook page. If you are an individual salon make sure you set up at Facebook ‘Local Business’ page. If you are a chain we suggest open individual ‘Local Business’ pages and one ‘Brand’ page. When posting always tag your salon and tag people if people are in the photos.


Post on Social Media at the Right Time: USE BUFFER


Research shows people are more responsive to most social media platforms in the early evening for Facebook, Twitter & Instagram but if you are posting to Google Plus then 10 am in the morning is the best time


We suggest a great scheduling tool called Buffer which has over 3 million users and has global data on when is the right time to post to get maximum impact.


2. Go where your customers are


Google Adwords:


We recommend you only buy Google Adwords on mobile (make sure you website looks good on a mobile phone) and this also allows you to choose to show your advert to people 5 miles away from your hair or beauty salon for instance. More people search now on smartphones than on desktops


Top tip for mobile…


Set up ads for the keyword ‘hair salons near me’ and only display to people searching 5 miles from your salon through what is called ‘Radius Targeting’ on Google Adwords


You can use the same technique for the broader search ‘hair salons’, which usually bidding on is not a good term, as it is too generic.


3. Improve your Website


Usability and search engine optimization of a website if key if you want to drive new customers to your salon.


There are some important questions you need to have on your website checklist..


Does your website have this on the front page

  • Telephone number

  • Address

  • Opening times

  • Price list

  • Quality photos of your salon, barbers or spa

  • Online booking button if you accept online bookings


Is your website mobile friendly?


If not Google will push you further down the search results in favour of mobile friendly websites


4. Partner With Other Local Businesses


Go and talk to other local businesses, especially bars, coffee shops and restaurants.


It is a great opportunity to give discounts to the waiting, bar staff and baristas, they are a great advert for your salon and often very good influences in the locality.


5. Text Customers


Getting footfall in the first place is difficult, so make sure you market to old customers effectively.


"Why not send an text to those customers who not come to your salon for 90 days with an offer."




Create a Loyalty Program


Your main objective as a salon owner or manager is to win, convert and retain customers.


We know most customers are highly loyal to their hairstylist, so some salons don’t need a loyalty program.


Look at a loyalty scheme in another way


Don’t discount core product…ie the hair cut


But offer visits which can be redeemed against low cost upgrades.


Customer Referral Program


Often called a ‘refer-a-friend’, these programs can work well for those with a small marketing budget, but make sure you don’t lose money on them as it can be quite easy sometimes to get lost in everything by not working out how much profit you will make from a customer over the lifetime of them being a client (called Lifetime Value or LTV for short).


Why not give you customers referral access on their mobile phones to allow them to introduce their friends to your salon, barbers or spa.


The more they introduce people the more discount they can get on products…remember don’t discount your core product.




This is the most important of any marketing activity. Track all your salon advertising ideas you put into practice or else you could be throwing good money away. If things work, refine it and make it even better!

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