Spa Salon Software: 3 Tricks To Fill Empty Gaps In Your Schedule


What strategies do you use to keep business in your salon? Many owners and stylists make the mistake of throwing too much of their marketing efforts into winning new clients, either through advertising via traditional media or search engine marketing.


But you can’t just rely on good service to keep customers coming back to your chair. You may think your talent is unparalleled, but cost-conscious salon customers can be lured away by a competitor with a discount. Once you’ve won them, you have to keep winning them. After you’ve done a great job for your customer, what else can you do to turn that first-timer into a loyal fan?


1. Offer an on-the-spot discount


If your next hour is empty, book it at a discount for whoever can make it in – and make sure you give it a quick push over social media, email, or text message.


Adjust the offer based on the client’s day. For example, if the customer just got engaged, give them a great discount as a congratulations.


2. Make sure your clients can book an appointment on-the-go


Most people remember they need a hair appointment when they’re out, not when they’re at home on your website. Have them book appointments with ease by making your website and online booking form responsive for mobile phones, or even by allowing people to Tweet or message you on Facebook you to book their appointment.


3. Offer personalized discounts based on events in your clients’ lives


Make notes about upcoming weddings or parties your clients mention they’re going to. A few weeks before the event, send them a personalized email offering them a discount on your service to use prior to the event.


Sticky Tip: Stay top of mind


Let’s say it’s been a few months since that customer’s first visit. Your client decides it’s time for another cut, but she can’t quite remember the name of your salon. So she turns to Google or Yelp to look for salons in her area and ends up at a competitor. You’re not likely to ever see that customer again.


Brand awareness is absolutely vital for any small business because you depend heavily on name recall. Building that awareness takes effort, but the increase in repeat business is well worth it. The best return on your marketing investment will come from email, mobile, and social media, where you have an opportunity to keep your name in front of your contacts on a regular basis.


The key for top-of-mind awareness is to deliver content that is consistent, relevant and helpful.


Focusing mostly on new clients sounds like a good idea, until you realize just how much your salon or spa could grow if every new customer who has ever walked through the door became a permanent addition to your book of business. Retaining your customers is just as important as gaining new ones, and it costs significantly less to keep a client than to gain one.

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