4 Quick Salon Spa Advertising Ideas

Every hair salon or spa owner knows that the most important element in retaining customers in their business is having a quality staff that ensures customer satisfaction on each and every visit. But retaining your existing customer base is not enough if you wish to grow your business.


You have to market your salon or spa to new customers!


1. Target Existing Clientele


Businesses know that their existing customers are their best customers. Hair salons should not overlook opportunities to advertise to existing clients--through e-newsletters, blogging, or text messaging for example. By staying in close contact with this group and offering them specials, early information about new products and personalized tips for hair care and new styles, salons can cement relationships and encourage not only repeat sales, but referrals as well.


2. Loyalty Programs


Using loyalty programs can be an effective way to encourage repeat customers. Offer customers a free haircut or hair-care product after visiting your salon a certain number of times, or offer discount coupons to customers who frequently purchase premium services. An automated loyalty rewards program can help to cut down on expenses and provide an additional marketing opportunity.


Using technology to track customers' purchases, you can text or email reminders when customers earn promotions or free services, which keeps your salon's name fresh in their minds and further stimulates word of mouth advertising.


3. Partner Up


There’s nothing better than a fresh new haircut to go along with your brand new beach body.  And what better way to follow an intense workout than a 60-minute full-body massage.  Keep business cards and flyers at a local gym and allow them to do the same for cross-promotions.  For an added bonus, put a call-to-action on your flyers, to make sure folks take you up on the offer.


4. Social Networking


Use social networks to keep in touch with your customers. Post pictures of exceptional haircuts, with clients' permission, and include profiles of your top stylists. Use your social networking presence to announce promotions and inexpensively distribute coupons as well.


Sticky Tip: Exhibitions


Set up a temporary kiosk in the mall or at a community event and offering free haircuts to the public. Focus on making a good impression on anyone who takes advantage of the offer, and use your most talented stylists for the promotion. Give flyers or coupons to participants and passers-by.


Doing exhibitions can stimulate word of mouth advertising, as participants will likely show off their new haircut, tell the story of receiving it for free at the exhibition and share your company's information with others.


Salon advertising requires a detailed plan and a rigorous execution.  If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind. The most important thing to remember is that there is plenty of competition out there, so always make sure to give customers a reason to try your business and plenty more reasons to keep coming back.

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