6 Simple Tests Every Salon And Spa Appointment Software Must Pass To Succeed

Scheduling appointments over the phone usually requires an individual to phone in during office hours, as few facilities offer round-the-clock phone booking.


This is an inconvenience for most patients, as they too are working at this time. Additionally, many individuals prefer to schedule their appointments online rather than over the phone. An online scheduling system allows for 24-hour scheduling, not just during normal facility or office hours.


While the actual implementation of an online scheduling system is typically seamless and relatively simple, there are considerations that medical, healthcare and wellness facilities should keep in mind when transitioning to Web-based booking. They include:


1. Calendar & Schedule

Manage customers, move or cancel bookings and contact customers directly within the dashboard.


2. Services

Take online bookings for your service based business, Sync directly to your calendar.


3. Classes & Courses

Take online bookings for classes or courses directly from your website or shareable link.


4. Payments & Deposits

Take online payments and deposits securely within the platform


5. iPhone & Android

Manage your clients, bookings and calendar on the move with our app for iOS & Android.


6. Reporting Tools

Basic, advanced and custom reporting tools, analyse daily, weekly & monthly booking volumes


Sticky Tip: Customization Widgets


Customize the look and feel of your booking widgets to create a seamless customer experience.


A variety of online scheduling applications are available on the market today. However, they vary greatly in the types of features, functionality and services offered.


Due diligence and research should be conducted when selecting an appointment scheduling software provider, given the important role in could play in the operations of healthcare, medical or wellness facility


The appointment-scheduling process, historically viewed as a necessary burden in medical offices, healthcare facilities and wellness centers, can be completely automated through an inefficient online scheduling software program.


The benefits of implementing this technology touch everyone involved in the scheduling process, as administrators and staff can conduct their tasks more efficiently and accurately, while customers and clients have the ability to book their appointments and reservations quickly and more conveniently.

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