5 Secrets To Salon and Spa Advertising Success

Ultimately, you need to decide how to attract repeat customers and how to advertise your salon or spa. You may already be using some of these methods. If so, assess your current situation and measure your results. If you aren’t gaining any traction, decide whether you should make a few adjustments or completely overhaul the plan. Then choose one or two methods that you haven’t tried. Focus on engagement and prepare for an influx of customers!


1. Excellent Customer Service


Your online presence needs to measure up to great service too. Managing your online reputation by swiftly handling complaints, questions, and other issues can do wonders for your business. For example, if your business is listed on Yelp and you receive a negative review, don’t close the page and pretend you never read it.


Promptly reply to the customer and do whatever is necessary to rectify the situation. Objectively validate their concerns. It’s been said that the customer isn’t always right, but they are the customer. Always go above and beyond—it will be noticed and you’ll surely be rewarded with repeat customers.


2. Host An Event


Consider networking with local businesses that cater to a similar audience (florists, bridal boutiques, restaurants, etc.) and cross-promote one another’s products or services. Advertise your offer on their social media and digital platforms as well as in-store, and then return the favor by doing the same for their business. Invite the business owner to your salon or spa to enjoy the promotion—for free.


Networking can go a long way when done right. Cross-promoting is not a one-time marketing method, however. You will need to develop a long-term relationship with local businesses, which will encourage long-term relationships with customers—repeat customers.


3. Get Social


Social media is influential and shouldn’t be overlooked when planning your advertising budget. Consider that 93% of purchasing decisions are influenced by social media. Customers expect to engage with a brand and personal engagement fosters feelings of connection.


Consider holding special promotions or contests on a monthly basis. Highlight current customers and have them describe a positive experience they’ve had with your business. Don’t forget to include images!


4. Go Mobile


People are more mobile and connected than ever before—80% of mobile subscribers now own a smartphone—and expect to land on a website that is easy to navigate and responsive to whatever device they are using.


A mobile responsive website scales the content to fit any size screen to ensure a pleasant user-experience. Don’t forget to include mobile coupons too. Recent research shows that 77% of shoppers spend $10-$50 more than anticipated when redeeming mobile coupons.


5. Loyalty Programs


A loyalty program rewards frequent customers and may also work as a VIP system giving repeat customers access to new products, services, special promotions, and events. People want to be rewarded for loyal patronage and expect to earn savings and special offers when they invest heavily in your business. Giving something of value to your customers will encourage repeat business. Don’t forget to test the return on investment of your loyalty program to ensure it is truly attracting repeat customers.


Sticky Tip: The More Places They See You, The More They Know You.


Online directories such as Yelp, Google, Yahoo, and Angie’s List offer a quick overview of local businesses. Internet searches are now the primary way for finding local businesses and reviews. This is another advertising tool that you shouldn’t be without.


It may be time to rethink your marketing strategy in order to attract leads and turn them into loyal customers. The following best practices will help you decide the right methods to advertise your salon to attract new, repeat customers.

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