3 Customer Loyalty Tips For Salon And Spa’s


Customer loyalty matters, because selling more to current customers is easier and cheaper than finding and selling to new ones. Loyal customers tend to buy more, more regularly. And they will frequently recommend your business to others.


Here are 3 tips for you to consider if you are sincerely interested in having a Salon or Spa that is notable for its customer loyalty and referrals. These tried-and-true tactics with interpersonal strategies can deepen relationships with customers, establish greater levels of trust, and build stronger customer loyalty.


Remember, customers refer friends and family members with comments such as "I've never seen such great service before"—not "Customer service staff are great conversationalists."


What Customers Want


To appeal to a customer's needs or desires, you must first understand their motivations, values, and priorities. Each customer has unique needs and wants. i.e. “Cut, Color, and Nails” Throw in a FREE upgrade to another treatment they can try next time. Leave your customer wanting more, and left with a memorable service.


Being tuned in to what customers want and being sensitive to their evolving needs will help you become more resourceful and innovative over time. That is an excellent way to set yourself apart from other Salons or Spa and help you build memorable, lasting customer relationships.


Focus On Long Term Relationships


Practicing good interpersonal skills and maintaining solid customer relationships are important for developing customer loyalty. But what really matters to customers are results they can see, count on, and talk about.


Customers might come to you a few times because you have the right product or service for their needs, but they won't keep coming to you based on your business personality alone. Customers must trust you to help them; they must see results and learn something from you to make it worth their while to continue as your customer.


Remember, customers refer friends and family members with comments such as "I've never seen such great service before"—not "Customer service staff are great conversationalists. Know and appreciate your ambassadors


According to Gladwell, "Word-of-mouth begins when someone along the chain tells a connector or a maven." Learn to recognize those customers, cultivate them, and express your appreciation accordingly. Over promise, over deliver…


Loyalty Is The Answer 


A successful external marketing campaign will encourage people to try you out, but only good outcomes and an authentic relationship with you will keep them coming back.


Customers' willingness to return to your business depends only partly on their need for your product or services. They can easily choose another business or provider, or even a different product, if they are not happy with what they experience.


Never take loyalty for granted. Never underestimate the power and value of the one-to-one relationship customers have with you and your staff. Customers return to where they feel connected, where they have a sense of belonging, where there is mutual esteem, where they are treated with respect, and where their care results in positive outcomes.


Sticky Tip: Leaders Eat Last


Building trust requires the businesses to continually put the customer's interests ahead of their own and display a genuine "other" orientation. You demonstrate that by being interested rather than interesting, and by not treating every interaction as an opportunity to share your message.


All that adds up to doing business with integrity. Without integrity, there is no trust, and without trust, there is no enduring relationship.

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