Salon & Spa Marketing: 3 Quick Tips To Reach New Customers Rapidly With Text Message Marketing

Some Salon and Spa owners are hesitant to adopt Text Message Marketing as a promotional tool, believing the platform to be ineffective. In reality, Text Message Marketing is cheap, easy and highly valuable.


Read on for three reasons you should consider using Text Message Marketing for your Salon and Spa today!




Much of the appeal of Text Message Marketing is in its brevity, both for the advertiser and the consumer. Unlike lengthy email promotions, text messages are generally just one or two sentences in length, sometimes including a link to a website with more details about the promotion. Consumers are very likely to read entire messages, simply because they are so short. text messages can also be read at the consumer's convenience, so they aren't as intrusive as Web pop-ups or telephone calls.


The brevity of text messages also benefits the small business owner who is short on time. Planning and deploying a promotion via “Text”  is quick and easy, and requires much less up-front planning than traditional advertising.




This phenomenon has obvious benefits for business owners. Not only are the consumers on your text messaging contact list willing participants in your promotional campaign, but they're almost guaranteed to read your message right when you send it.


Text Message Marketing won't get your promotion in front of as many eyeballs as other modes of advertising, but by delivering your messages directly to engaged consumers – and getting them to read those messages quickly -- it delivers great bang for your buck.




Because at this point almost everyone has received at least one of those spam “you’ve won this gift card” messages, organizations assume their messages will be received the same way.  


This just isn’t true and they’re always surprised after their first outgoing campaign how well the messages are received by their audience and how few people opt-out.


Sticky Tip: It works best in three situations.


We’ve worked on a lot of text campaigns, and while many unique campaigns have generated great results, there are three types of campaigns that always seem to work the best.  Those that are promoted at events, at a physical location, or any campaign run over traditional media (TV, radio, print, or outdoor).  


These campaigns always seem to grow the biggest mobile databases, assuming the incentive was attractive to the audience.


Many Salon and Spa’s we talk to are amazed to hear how many large, well-known brands are using Text Message Marketing Today. They’re also amazed when they realize not many, if any, of their competitors are using it. Quickly, the conversation turns to “why haven’t we considered this sooner” and “when can we start?” As with any form of marketing, whenever you can reach the audience where your competition isn’t, the more effective it can be.



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