5 Easy Salon And Spa Advertising Ideas To Get You More Bookings Rapidly



Wouldn't it be nice if everyone who got their hair cut, had a tag attached to their locks that said something like, “Haircut by Jessica”?  We mean, if people walk around wearing brand names on their t-shirts, why shouldn't you get free advertising for a job well done, too?


However, there are plenty of other ways to get people into your business, and you can build customer retention and loyalty easily after that.


Partner with local photographers


Photographers are always in need of makeup artists and stylists for their shoots. In addition to often being paid for their on-site services, stylists get credit along with the photographer for any published photographs.


Take client photos consistently


Keep a digital camera handy and take photos of your cuts and styles regularly. Since most people have a boost of self confidence after a haircut or style, many will be happy to pose for a few shots.


Choose your best and most diverse photos and make sure to post them on your website. Even more importantly, post them on your Twitter and Facebook Wall. People may not visit your website frequently, but they monitor their Twitter and Facebook feeds on a daily and hourly basis.


Start a blog, vlog, or book


Nothing works better in online marketing than becoming a resource of targeted information. As a hair stylist, you can probably easily think of products you can review, or tough braids that you can write tutorials on. They don't need to be New Yorker length feature articles – 500 words will do just fine. These articles can boost your visibility in search engines and give you a whole lot more to share and talk about on social media.


Try Text Message Marketing


Sending the occasional text message to your clients can have a big boost in bookings. Reminders for their 6-week follow up or for special promotions is only recommended for regular customer though, as very old clients may have already found a new hairdresser and may feel uncomfortable asking you to stop messaging them.


Offer your own “daily deal”


On your website, Facebook and other social media accounts, offer one deal a day for one of your services. Local customers may very well subscribe to your feeds just to stay informed of when you have a deal that meets their need. This way, you get the customers and you don't have to give up all your profits to one of those other daily deal sites.

Throw away your business cards


You should act as your own billboard. Do fun and interesting things with your hair that make want to tell you that they “like your hair”. When they do, add them on facebook, instagram, and linkedin. Or use a business card, they’ll use to clean their teeth with.


Alright. Now you know some of the basics to offering a value to your customers. Let us know how this goes and leave questions in the comment section.


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