Text Message Marketing for Salons And Spa’s– Text Marketing Does it Work?


The fastest growing form of marketing today is text message or SMS Marketing. Text Message Marketing uses a software platform integrated with a telecom service to deliver text marketing messages instantaneously to current clients and potential customers. This type of salon marketing is gaining popularity due to the increased use of mobile technology.


What are the Benefits of Text Message Marketing for Salons and Spa’s?


When business is slow, you can send out a message promoting a coupon or special discount. Increase customer engagement by promoting a contest and offering a free product or service if they send a text.


You can integrate Text Message Marketing with your website, social media, and Email marketing.It is easy to increase business by scheduling text messages to be sent out on slow business days. Clients can be notified of last minute opportunities to schedule appointments for salon services.


Sticky Tip: You can keep employees up-to-date on salon news, as well as confirm appointment schedules with instant text messaging.


Sticky Tip: When business is slow, you can send out a message promoting a coupon or special discount.


5 Text Message Marketing Tips for Promoting Your Salon And Spa


1. Get Your Customer’s Permission


Be sure to get permission from your salon clients before including them in your text message marketing campaign. Different countries have different rules regarding how you can use direct marketing to promote your business. By using a trusted system such as the service offered through glumobilemedia.co you can be assured your business is following best practices.


2. Avoid Text Message Overload


Keep text updates interesting and relevant – try not to go overboard. Send occasional updates that are interesting. Text message overload will irritate your clients and might cause you to lose customers. Avoid this potential problem by being selective when sending your messages.


3. Send Targeted Messages Based on Clients’ Unique Interests


Send messages that target your clients’ interests. If certain clients come in for specific treatments, send them messages notifying them of promotions related to their unique interests. You can also introduce them to complementary services related to their preferred treatments.


4. Choose Times for Sending Out Salon Text Marketing Messages


Choose the best time to send text updates. As the weekend gets closer, people start thinking about what they will do in their spare time. Consider promoting special offers and events, or notify them of appointment opportunities.


5. Include a Call-to-Action


Remember to include a call-to-action in your text message communication. Offer a discount for people who book an appointment by the end of the day. Establishing time limits will encourage customers to take action quickly, and allows you to plan for extra staffing needs.


These are just a few basic guidelines for running an effective text message marketing program. If you would like to see first hand the kind of ROI Text Message Marketing can bring to your business!


Alright. Now you know some of the basics to offering a valuable Text Message Loyalty program for your customers. Let us know how this goes and leave questions in the comment section.

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