6 Quick Tips To Fill Slow Times In Salon And Spa’s During A Slow Season

No matter how well-loved your salon and spa is, everyone experiences a slow season for one reason or another. It may have to do with the weather, tourist seasons or school schedules, but whatever the reason, no salon and spa looks forward to the dip in revenue.


Increasing your advertising or testing new forms of advertising is always an answer, but try some of these solutions for increasing your traffic through a slow season or even on a slow day.


Online-Only Deals


Make special deals available to your different audiences. This will also be a great way to grow your reach in the off-season. By promoting specials through digital means, your promotions can easily be shared with friends and family, expanding your network and increasing traffic at the same time.


Try Text Promotions


If you are not yet, start collecting mobile phone numbers. Text promotions are on the rise and it is, by far, the fastest way to get in front of your audience. No one goes far without their phone and your message is right in the palm of your customers' hands.


Create a Referral System


Take advantage of your walking billboard customers. They won't mind! In fact, there is a good chance they talk favorably about you anyway, but give them an incentive to talk you up a little more and even go a step further. Encourage them to do more than talk but actually get a friend to try your business. Offer a special for anyone who refers a friend: a discount, a free service or giveaway.

Create Partnerships


Complimentary Businesses


For example, if you are a nail salon and your pedicure business drops in the wintry season, partner with a massage therapist whose business is still booming. You can pass out their business cards and vice versa at your front desk or when customers finish up with your employees.


Your Neighbors


If they are not a direct competitor, there is a good chance they would be willing to partner with you. It can be something as simple as if a customer brings the receipt from the neighboring restaurant, they get 15% off your products or services. As long as someone is in your neck of the woods you might as well be capitalizing on it.


Host an Event


Rather than just promoting your products or services in your usual ways, plan an event to promote that will draw in a crowd of people. It will remind consumers that you are there and probably even attract some first-timers. Definitely plan in advance so you have time to spread the word


Alright. Now you know some of the basics to offering a valuable SMS Loyalty program for your customers. Let us know how this goes and leave questions in the comment section.



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