Salon And Spa And Spa Booking Software - How To Get More Appointments FAST!

Going to the Salon & Spa is about so much more for your clients than just getting their hair done. It’s a chance to relax and unwind, soak in the ambiance and potentially catch up with a friend. A Salon & Spa appointment is as much a social experience as it is a service. Atmosphere and personality are what separate one Salon & Spa from another, and for this reason, a person’s Salon & Spa choice can be based as much on these attributes as on stylists’ skills.


With a little planning, you can attain new clients, reward current clients and have fun while doing so.




A great way to attract potential new clients to your Salon & Spa—and give them a taste of how cool/fun/unique you are—is by holding an “Open House.” Since making an appointment at a new Salon & Spa can be a weighty decision for some, an Open House is an excellent way to bring people through your doors they've wanted to find a new Salon & Spa but haven’t yet taken the initiative to make an appointment.


Sticky Tip: Before your Open House, send out emails, text reminders, or call your current clients informing them of the upcoming event and encouraging them to attend and to bring friends or family members.




Using Social Media can help you to connect with your target audience, if you know how to do it right. Keep your prospects interested and connected for FREE by updating your page with related, engaging, helpful posts.


Sticky Tip: These people are your “target market” – Your ideal clients who are seeking what only YOU can provide. Once you know who want to keep as clients, you must stand for something in their eyes.



Rather than discounting to attract business try offering an incentive which adds value and targets a service area that needs building – for example, complimentary conditioning treatment with every pre-booked colour. Get your supplier to help with the cost where offers are product-related. Use window promotional material and in-Salon & Spa marketing to help promote the service.


Sticky Tip: Figure out which of your Salon & Spa’s existing services your customers aren’t having and create a treatment plan and in-depth consultation to advise and recommend services they haven’t experienced before.




Every Salon & Spa has the opportunity to tap into their area’s local businesses to offer a joint promotional activity. Don’t be tempted to discount in mass, but if you are near a large local employer offer incentives to its staff to visit on selected days with selected offers.




It may sound a bit archaic but recommend-a-friend schemes do work if they are positioned correctly. Maybe use some modern marketing terms to make it sound a little less ‘done to death’. Ensure both parties benefit and it’s promoted in-house and by the entire team.  


Bonus Tip: One-time clients are not going to generate sustainable income over a period of time. Deal chasers are shopping on price and as such are classic disloyal customers – they have no interest in staying put unless they’re getting a bargain.

Don’t forget a regular Salon & Spa client who hasn’t experienced a service before is still generating new business to the Salon & Spa!

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