4 Tricks To Keep Your Customers Engaged


Running your business on a state-of-the-art system like glumobilemedia makes an enormous difference toward achieving your goals, but knowing how to win customer loyalty will give you the edge you need to go further. Here are a few pro tips to help you gain customers and keep them devoted to you.


1. Be There


When someone is looking for a health, beauty or wellness specialist, they already have certain parameters in mind:


“How close is the location to my home or office?

Does it have everything I want? How much does it cost?”


While “Do they have a rewards program?” may not always be at the top of their minds, a good rewards program can be what tips the scale in your favor when they’re making their final decisions.


Many businesses, especially in the Salon and Spa industry, incorporate a rewards program like glumobilemedia into their sales process. Rewarding customers for things like checking in, referring friends, or attending your health and wellness training shows them that you truly value their health. If your customer happens to be price sensitive, your rewards program can show them how to lower their overall cost by saving up points for discounts.  


2. Sharing Is Caring


Take advantage of the tweeting, pinning and texting. If your customers are already telling their social networks about the tough, yet satisfying Massage they had today, or the incredible spa visit they’re enjoying right now, why not give them extra incentive to keep sharing? Select a program that automatically rewards customers for spreading the word on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or a Text Message Marketing.


3. Check your Lists


Lists can get out control and outdated fast. Go through your lists and clean them up. Make sure everything is being recorded and that you’ve segmented your lists by customers, prospects, influencers, etc. Take the next step and categorize them by additional factors such as industry, size and need.


4. Use Every Opportunity


If you’re texting your contacts without including clear call-outs to do something, take a second look at your text messaging communication. Your text should always generate increased traffic to your website and social media pages, and should include links to book appointments directly to your website. Think of your text message marketing as the hub of your online presence and a friendly reminder to customers to help them find what they need; through one text, customers can easily access your website for information about services, sign up for an e-newsletter, or book an appointment.

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