Local Salon Owners: Tips To Win Clients and Increase Loyalty


Whether your Salon is just starting out or you’ve passed the one-year mark, your priorities are still to grow your client base and increase revenue—especially if you’re on the road to win.


Running your Salon on a state-of-the-art salon software makes an enormous difference toward achieving your goals, but knowing how to win customer loyalty will give you the edge you need to go further. Here are a few pro tips to help you gain customers and keep them devoted to you.


1. Give Them More


When someone is looking for a health, beauty or wellness specialist, they already have certain parameters in mind: “How close is the location to my home or office? Does it have everything I want? How much does it cost?” While “Do they have a rewards program?” may not always be at the top of their minds, a good rewards program can be what tips the scale in your favor when they’re making their final decisions.


Many businesses, especially in the fitness industry, incorporate a rewards program like glumobilemedia into their sales process. Rewarding customers for things like taking classes, checking into the gym, or attending personal training shows them that you truly value their health.

If your customer happens to be price sensitive, your rewards program can show them how to lower their overall cost by saving up points for discounts.  


2. Upsell customers


Rewards are often thought of as a business cost, assuming you have to give stuff away. However, a lot of businesses use rewards to upsell customers and increase the business’s revenue per customer. For example, a reward might be a large discount on a higher cost service like a first-time facial treatment.  


3. Share the Love


Rewards can also drive referrals. Customers who love your business also like helping their friends get a a great deal. Offering a reward that’s better than what someone walking in off the street could get—like a free month pass for a friend—lets your customers feel like they’re hooking up a friend AND gets a new customer in the door. This way everyone wins. Your customer gets rewarded for the referral, the prospective customer gets a good deal, and you get a new client.  


4. Spread the Word


Take advantage of the tweeting, pinning and posting of our social culture. If your customers are already telling their social networks about the tough, yet satisfying workout they had today, or the incredible spa visit they’re enjoying right now, why not give them extra incentive to keep sharing? Select a program that automatically rewards customers for spreading the word on social networks like glumobilemedia.


Start by setting up easy ways for your customers to earn points. Then create rewards your customers really want to earn. You’ll surpass your revenue and growth goals, and achieve happier customers along the way. And by rewarding customers for doing things as simple as booking appointments online you’ll already be on your way to winning.

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