4 Quick Tips To Build A Massive Customer List for Your Salon & Spa




When it comes to the success of your salon, direct marketing tactics such as email or text message marketing plays a monumental role. They’re both easy, effective ways for you to keep the lines of communication open between your customers and your business. It’s a painless technique for you to keep your customers in the know on new services, products, promotions, or any other important updates.


As a savvy small business owner, we’re not here to sell you on the importance of email or text message marketing - you probably know all of this already. The importance of email or text message marketing is nothing new to someone like you.


However, something that may be a little less clear is how to build a solid customer contact list. You could be an email marketing pro, but without substantial customer contact information to send those emails to… you’re not really getting anywhere.


So, let’s help you build a stacked customer contact information list with these 4 best tips for capturing customer information.


1. Promote In-Store Signups


No customer should be able to leave your business without first giving you their contact information… or at the very least being asked to. Ask during checkout, keep a customer loyalty tablet at the register, leave a bowl out to collect business cards, whatever method you like best -- just be sure to ask!


The true key to in-store signups is to include a special offer or discount. Give customers a little incentive for giving you their information. Doesn’t have to be anything huge, but just a small gesture to say thank you.


2. Engage With Customers Where They Are   


You want to talk to customers where they are. Wondering where that happens to be? Social Media. Currently there are approximately 1.23 billion users on Facebook, 645 million on Twitter, and 400 million on Instagram. That’s a lot of potential customer information out there ripe for the taking. So, put your business out there. Make a post, send out a tweet -- keep your social followers in the loop about your mailing list. Make sure to include a link to your signup form, and as always, highlight exclusive information you’ll be sending them. It’s vital you highlight the value of signing up.


3. Ask Your Existing Customers


Marketing your salon to existing clients is crucial to growing and maintaining a successful customer list. Competition is literally right around the corner, so always make sure you are taking every opportunity to bring clients back.


The best way to build your customer list fast is to ask your existing loyal customers.  Ask your customer to share your business card to someone. You could also share your business through a text message or simply the old school word of mouth. The easiest way to drive new business the fastest and the most efficient way to drive a massive customer list is the ask existing customers to share their experience with their friends and family


4. Include a Signup Form on Your Website


Featuring a signup form on your website is an incredibly easy and effective way to gather additional email addresses. Make sure you’re featuring the signup form on either the navigation bar or the footer of your site, the key is making it as visible as possible. If you’re really looking to incentivize your customers to leave their email addresses, phone numbers, and name include a discounted coupon code for every signup. Not only will this help to gather information, but also encourage a booking or the purchase of a product!


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