11 Hair Salon Marketing Ideas


Now is the time to think about picking some of the green off of that money tree. 


To help you with that, here are some hair salon marketing ideas for you to try this year if you’re not already implementing them:


1. Start a monthly e-mail, and text campaign promoting new services and specials. Use your hair salon software to create a mailing list.


2. Partner with local photographers who need hair stylists for their shoots.


3. Post client photos online. Select the best photos of your cuts and styles, and post them on your      website, Facebook Page, or your Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram accounts.


4. List your hair salon on all the top local business directories like Yelp, MapQuest, SpaFinder, BeautyBooked, Pingup, and more.


5. Create a blog to share your hair-care and styling advice. Review the latest hair-care products or write tutorials about how to do intricate braids.


6. Offer a "daily promotion" on your website, Facebook Page and other social media accounts. Followers who subscribe to your feeds to stay informed will be more likely to do business with you when you have an offer that meets their needs.


7. Always face the day with your hair looking its best. It’s likely someone will ask you where you got the great cut and, voila, you can then promote your salon.


8. Produce and hand out business cards. This is a simple, inexpensive way to gain added exposure for your salon.


9. Give out a Gift with Purchase (GWP) to clients when they spend above a certain amount on hair treatments or styling services.

10. Charge appropriate prices for your services. You certainly don’t want to offer your services at prices so low that clients assume they will get shoddy work. But you also have to make sure you aren't charging so much that they can't afford to come back in a month for a trim or color touch up. Look for a balance between too cheap and too expensive, and price your frequent services (bang trims, root touch-ups) more affordable to promote repeat visits.


11. Keep up the appearance of your shop. Clients who visit a warm, inviting, professional – clean – hair salon will notice. And if they notice, they will likely tell some friends. Your décor and level of cleanliness should all put your clientele at ease and encourage them to recommend your salon.


One of the best ways to do that is to use every outlet and resource at your disposal to pump up the volume on your hair salon services and treatments.

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