3 Reasons Text Marketing Is Your Salon And Spa Best Friend




When you leave the house what are three things that you are almost never without? If you’re like the majority of Americans, your answer is probably something along the lines of keys, wallet, and…smart phone. Now, this probably isn’t groundbreaking news to anyone reading this, but  the point is that in today’s society our mobile devices have become something we just can’t function without.


On the other hand, something one might find slightly more astonishing is the fact that roughly 3.5 billion text messages are sent and received every day. Yes, you read that right - in just one day! That’s why it’s no surprise businesses are turning their attention to a new type of marketing - text message marketing. It’s a new, upcoming way for small businesses to advertise.


Check out these 3 ways text message marketing can help your small business actually drive more customers through your doors.


1. Highest Open Rates


When it comes to communicating with customers, a method all small businesses fallback on is email. For a long time now email marketing has been the easiest, most effective way for businesses of all sizes to directly communicate with their customers. However, a major issue many businesses face with email marketing is low open rates. On average, only 28-33 percent of company emails are actually read by consumers.


Text message marketing is a whole other story. According to a study conducted by Business2Community 99 percent of text messages sent are opened by consumers. With a near 100 percent open rate, text message marketing proves to be an (if not the most) effective way for small businesses to reach customers.


2. Best Way to Advertise Special Offers/Last Minute Openings


If you’re looking for a way to drive more customers to specific links like special offers and/or last minute openings text message marketing is the best way for your small business to do so.


Not only does text message marketing hold the highest open rates, but it also has been found to hold the highest click-through-rates. The chance of your links being clicked with text message marketing is about 36 percent. Though at a first glance 36 percent may not seem super impressive, when compared to the average email click-through-rate of 6-7 percent that number is actually rather staggering.


With that being said, text message marketing acts as the best opportunity for your small business to push special offers or last minute openings. Use text messaging to alert customers of any specials you're offering and entice them through the door. Additionally, you can use text messaging to quickly inform customers of last minute openings in your staff’s schedules. This all works to help your small business in saving the cost of an empty chair or an idle employee.


3. Short, Effective Messaging


Let’s keep this short. Now, at first this may seem like a negative, but sometimes less is more. Your customers lead fast paced, busy lives. No one has time to read paragraphs of information. Text message marketing forces your small business to make your messaging concise and to the point - the exact type of messaging consumers want.


Awesome--how do I get my business set up?


With glumobilemedia automatic text message marketing, you’ll be able to not only fill in those pesky last-minute openings but book more appointments and grow your revenue. glumobilemedia will automatically help you build an opt-in list and target the right clients that actually want to hear from you.


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