glumobilemedia Fills Slow Times On All Major Salon And Spa Software


We’re not just talking about those random no-shows that seem to pop up every now and then -- while they’re the worst, there are no ways to prevent them from happening. I’m more interested in chatting about your slow days. Your appointments, along with your customers, are the very essence of your business and you need to make sure they’re coming back regularly, enough so you’re reducing the volume of off-peak days your business is bound to experience.


What if we told you there are ways to combat your slow days? We’re talking about finding ways to intelligently find customers to book those appointment slots that just won’t seem to ever fill up.




This is where glumobilemedia comes in. Using data from your appointment book, glumobilemedia automated marketing technology could predict when your business is likely to encounter slow days and ingeniously found ways to encourage customers to book with targeted specials and discounts.


Targeting Your Customers


We’re not talking about a mass text blast out to all of your clients! Using your appointment book and your customer data, glumobilemedia automatically selects a very select target of customers that are either due for a return booking or have expressed interest in a specific service and trickles out emails offering them special deals, encouraging them to book again.


Merge Your Appointment Book


Using your appointment book, glumobilemedia scans your future schedule and identifies the days which appear slower than normal and sets up communication with the select group of customers most likely in need of a booking with your business or haven’t been back in a while. Your regulars will never be spammed.


Set Your Specials, Set Your Goals


You’re in complete control. With complete say in all communication, from setting the discount rates to setting up exclusions for specific dates, services, or staff members -- you’ll never be blindsided and you’ll always be in the know.


Sync Up

Set it and forget it! If your campaign is a success and customers start booking, every new appointment will sync directly into your appointment book for you. So--are those slow days so scary to you now? Maybe let glumobilemedia handle those and you start focusing on those other fears casting a shadow on your small business?


How Much Are Empty Gaps in Your Schedule Costing Your Business?


Customers throw off your schedule, they waste your time, and they frustrate the living heck out of you - that’s right, we’re talking no-shows and last minute cancellations. You don’t just treat the customers that come in through your doors like clients. You treat them like friends, taking the time to prep their visit based on any/all of their preferences. So, when these customers fail to pay you the same kindness in return, it can get under your skin, to put it lightly. Beyond all this, even more importantly - an empty gap in your calendar loses you money!


As a service-based business your appointments are your bread and butter. An empty slot in your calendar works to take money right out of your pocket. How much altogether you ask? Well that depends.


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