Negative Customers: How To Remove Negative Reviews Rapidly


Unfortunately, your business will likely find a few customers along the way who aren’t thrilled. Whether you provided poor service, you over-promised and under-delivered, or your client was simply grumpy, nobody wants to have a negative Yelp review tarnishing their reputation. Bad feedback can discourage potential buyers and negatively impact your bottom line, so how do you get rid of negative reviews?


There is no way to delete negative reviews unless you show empathy to the person who posted it. Assuming that person won’t delete it, the only way to get rid of bad reviews is to get a massive following of great reviews from an awesome loyal customer base. 


So, you want to remove bad reviews? Apply these methods below, and you'll rapidly acknowledge negative people vanish... "poof" 


Highlight the positive


Now that you realize that negative online reviews are here to stay, take the initiative to get positive reviews from clients and asks them to post on other review sites, like google, yelp, and angies list. 


With online review sites providing a modern-day version of word-of-mouth marketing, each review can be either helpful or damaging to a business. Recognizing the power a review now wields, some customers try to blackmail business owners into providing free services.


Kill them with class


Online reviews are not set in stone and can always be updated by the reviewer, another reason to respond to any posted reviews—whether positive or negative. Online reviews are not set in stone and can always be updated by the reviewer, another reason to respond to any posted reviews—whether positive or negative.


Publicly respond to the reviewer. Apologize for making the customer wait and acknowledge the company’s missteps. You can even offer a complimentary service in order to make up for your Salon unsatisfactory service. Your efforts will paid off: After your complimentary offer, the customer updates the review from one star to four and complimented the company for delivering quality service.


Contact the review site


As soon as you discover the bad reviews, follow steps above. If the customer still doesn't want to comply reach out to the review site company to ask for help. If you have no luck in getting a negative post removed from a review site, there are other steps you can take. 


Get comfortable with the culture of online review sites


The reality is, you can do everything right and yet still receive a negative review. It all depends on the customer’s expectations; they are either met or they're not. Online reviews should not be your only method for receiving customer feedback. Taking a few minutes to follow up by phone after the completion of a service can help head off unflattering reviews and provide an opportunity to satisfy frustrated clients before their feedback goes public.


“You have to deal with bad reviews, you can’t ignore them,”


There are a number of ways that salon owners can minimize the influence of negative reviews and encourage satisfied customers to join the digital conversation.



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